Welcome to The Book Fairies!

We hide books around the WORLD for people to find, read, and then leave for the next person.

Want to get involved?

You can order The Book Fairies stickers for a very low price, so that you can be a book fairy where you live!

We ship around the world, and we are so excited to see book drops happening everywhere.

Here is the link to order your stickers.

For shipping reasons, we’ve limited it to one pack per order, but you can order more than once.

the book fairies ribbonWe are also excited to announce that we are now selling The Book Fairies ribbons! This can add an extra touch of magic to your book fairying, so why not order some today?

Here is the link to order ribbons.

Again, it’s restricted to one pack per order.

the book fairies bookmarksWe have recently introduced The Book Fairies bookmarks, which is a sweet addition to your book drop.

To get your hands on these for a very low cost, head over to our bookmark order page.

No matter what you order, the shipping cost stays the same!

Who are The Book Fairies?

Book Fairies are around the world, and could be anyone.. They share a love of reading and a desire to share books with others! Currently, there are 25 countries involved, from New Zealand to the U.A.E., and we’ve created a community of book lovers.

What do The Book Fairies do?

It’s simple – we leave behind books for people to find. We give books another lease of life passing them on to the next person, and encouraging this behaviour going forward. Like sharing a book with your friends, except sometimes much more fun!

How to spot a Book Fairy

One big giveaway for book fairies is that their eyes are constantly darting around the place, looking for great spots to put their books. These spots are carefully chosen, so that they can leave the book without being seen, but also the book needs to be visible enough for the next person to spot it! The book fairies are often carrying large bags full of books, with the telltale green and white sticker.

Can I be a book fairy?

Yes! Anyone can be a book fairy. If you have a pile of books you want to share, or simply want to share a book each time you finish reading it, then order some stickers here!

The Book Fairies: Comic Strip

One of our book fairies, Keshav from India, worked on this comic strip to explain how it all works! We hope you like it.

The Book Fairies Comic

the book fairies logo