About Us

The idea behind The Book Fairies is inspired by concepts like Book Crossing, and Books on the Underground. In fact, the endearing term “book fairies” came about from working in London on BOTU.

What’s different about The Book Fairies is that they can be anywhere. The Book Fairies are not restricted by countries, transport or anything else. If you want to share books, you can get stickers and be a book fairy. If you are a book lover, keep your eye out for a book hiding near you!

The Book Fairies launches in March 2017, and we are very excited about our big campaign. We have 25 different countries involved and 40 book fairies, and it’s going to be a blast! After the big campaign to launch The Book Fairies, we will encourage people around the world to order stickers, and share their books where they live and work.

Do you believe in book fairies?

Cordelia x