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The Book Fairies are truly international, and we are proud to introduce you to some of them here. If you’d like to have some stickers, then please order them here. If your country isn’t featured below, email to ask about becoming an official book fairy! First there is a directory of official social accounts, and below are some details about who runs them!


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Meet Cordelia, Chief Book Fairy

I have always loved reading. My dad has an independent bookshop (Laurence Oxley’s in Hampshire) so I grew up around books. For the last Harry Potter book I set up an event to open the bookshop at midnight! There was such a long queue down the street. I love to read and share my books with friends, so The Book Fairies is simply an extension of that. Having book fairies around the world is so exciting and I cannot wait to see people finding the books!

Meet Abeer, a Book Fairy in Dubai, U.A.E.

meet the book fairies dubai abeerI’m Abeer, a 26-year old Filipina blogger based in Dubai who loves reading and going out to look for cafes hidden around town. Reading is my first love, thanks to my mother who is a bibliophile as well. Books changed me and helped me become a better person; they are my best friends who I can rely on. I wouldn’t know who I am right now without them. I read when I’m sad, I read when I’m happy and with books, I am never alone. I want other people to feel the same thing, too. That’s why becoming one of the book fairies is like a dream coming into a reality, as I am able to reach out to people with the hopes of spreading love and happiness one book at a time.

Meet Keshav, a Book Fairy in Delhi, India

meet the book fairies in india - KeshavI am Keshav, 21, currently pursuing a Masters degree in English Literature. It is almost dreamlike to finally be fulfilling the promise of a book fairy in India. The very thought of someone smiling after finding a book unexpectedly is beautiful and exciting. It is like being a catalyst in someone’s happiness; bringing them learning and the joy of reading!

Meet Amalia, a Book Fairy in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meet the book fairies in Argentina - AmaliaI’m Amalia, a 26 year old Nutrition Student, I work in a medical practice and I can’t wait to finish University! I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve read since I was a little girl, at primary school we had a “reading plan” they gave us 3 books to read during summer break and I devoured them, so my parents had to find me some other books to read. During high school we had the same “reading plan” but consisted on 5 books for summer and one book per month during school time. I enjoy so much discovering new worlds, thoughts and history through books, it’s a way to open your mind and build your imagination. If I had to choose a favourite book, I would choose The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I love that book, my granny gave it to me for my 10th birthday and I read it every year, and each time I read it, I find some new learning. It is a book of endless knowledge, a lovely story suitable for all ages and everybody should read it at least once in their lives.

Meet Hanife, a Book Fairy in Denmark

the book fairies in denmark - hanifeHanife Aydin, 19 years old. I’m a student and in my spare time I work at a supermarket or I’m with friends/family. I’m actually from Turkey but live in Denmark, and I’ve always lived here in Denmark. I love books and spend too much money on them. I’m a bit addicted to Instagram where i have 2 accounts; one as a normal of my everyday and the other one where I’m making hijab(headscarf) tutorials and talk about politics/feminism. I am the kind of girl who always smiles and is open for new people and new things but I’m also kind of shy in some ways.

Meet Renata, a Book Fairy in Germany

meet the book fairies renataHi, I am Renata. Originally I come from Central Asia, but currently live in Germany. Having a strong financial and marketing background, I pursue my career in the field of the digital advertising. I would call myself a “trained-extroverted” introvert, thus it should come as no surprise that I love-love-love books. Books have always been my “quiet harbor”, and I am proud to call myself a bookworm. Besides working hard and being a book fairy, I enjoy travelling and exploring the world, doing yoga and meeting up with friends and family!

Meet Amatullah, a Book Fairy in Kenya

meet the book fairys in kenya - amatullahI am a twenty year old who is a seven year old at heart. I am passionate about the things that I do and two of these is being a bookworm and a Kenyan which makes being a book fairy that much more important since it combines both (I owe it to booksontheunderground for letting this happen – they are awesome). Being a Dawoodi Bohra, a student, testing the waters of life and being me each and every second in order to reach Eudaimonia (best philosophy of life ever) is what I am – my identity, so to say.

Meet Aiskell, a Book Fairy in Venezuela

meet the book fairies venezuela aiskeHi! I’m Aiskell Yanez from Venezuela. I’m a student of English and community manager, also I am activists in a for the human rights in a political organization. ‎In my free time I like go out with my friends, dance and watch TV. I love the TV series and movies. One of favorite movie mine is Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone. I love read, is my passion. I always remember one book that I read for my class in high school, it was “Crónica de una muerte anunciada” by Gabriel García Márquez, the feel that I feel is, for me, unreal. Be part of the many different historys and live many life is the most exciting feeling. That’s why I love the books and I am very excited to be the first Book Fairy in Venezuela. The happiness you feel when reading a book, being able to transport me to unknown places and letting the imagination fly is amazing and I want that many more people in my country can also enjoy that emotion and happiness. Books are the perfect escape that we all ‎need.

Meet Doris, a Book Fairy in Japan

the book fairies in Japan - DorisBorn in Suzhou, China. Had lived in Melbourne, Australia and now lives in Tokyo, Japan. A simple and modern woman who is passionate about everything artistically subtle and imperfectly perfect.


Meet Jade-Ceres, a Book Fairy in New Zealand

the book fairies in new zealand jadeI am a digital marketing strategist by profession but writing is my first love. I have been writing professionally for a good 15 years. I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my daughter and my husband, where I started Books on the Bus NZ — a movement to place new and used books in New Zealand’s public transport systems (buses, trains, ferries, taxis, bus stops and train stations) — which, was of course, inspired by Books on the Underground.

Meet Petra, a Book Fairy in Singapore

the book fairies in singapore - petraI grew up in Germany, consider myself a local in four different cities and currently live with my family (and cat) in Singapore where I went back to school and studied art managment. I now have my own studio where I love to paint and organize the ArtWalk@Wessex. If am not painting you’ll probably find me on my yoga mat or reading a book!

Meet Kaitlyn, a Book Fairy in California, U.S.A.

meet the book fairies california kaitlynBesides being a Book Fairy, I’m a college student, data clerk, and part time Merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel. I love to read, write, and watch movies. I’m still trying to figure what career path I want to pursue, but until then I’m happy dabbling in all sorts of pies. I try to be mindful and curious with everything I do, and strive to be a life long learner.


Meet Leslie, a Book Fairy in Mexico

book fairy mexico leslieI’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I’m a student of Design for Graphic Communication, I love what I do, I love creating new things. I work as a receptionist at a clinic. In my spare time I like to draw and paint. Also a little reading. My favourite book is Sally Nicholls ” This Is not Right ”. It is my favourite book because it was the first time that a book transmitted me thousands of feelings, I understood many personal things and about my environment. I would love to be able to share all this with others, let the world know that reading is not bad and not boring We all find ” something ” where we fit in and we end up loving it. May the world feel the wonder of reading.

Meet Sihem, a Book Fairy in France

meet the book fairies in france - sihemI like reading in my spare time, under a warm blanket. I think that to read not only helps us learn things, but opens the doors of the imagination. To become a Book Fairy has allowed me to open these doors to other people. And, as Napoléon Bonaparte said: “Imagination governs the world.” I’m proud to be one of the first Book Fairies in France!

Meet Edison, a Book Fairy in Taiwan

meet the book fairies edison in taiwanAbout becoming a book fairy: I believe reading books can positively influence the culture of a city and each individual has the ability not only to enrich their lives but their hometown, too. Being the first book fairy in Taipei gives me a perfect opportunity to share the happiness, fulfilment, and perspectives that I gained from books. I’m an educational studies graduate who has a wide interest from filmmaking to all sorts of outdoor activities. For me, travelling and reading are the best way to explore the world and seek the inspirations.

Meet Martina, a Book Fairy in Italy

the book fairies in italy martinaI’m Martina from Milan, Italy, and like all of us, I am a book nut/enthusiast. I studied languages and literature so that I could read in more languages. If I’m not reading a book I am probably at the cinema or out riding my bicycle. I like the classic book and tea, but what I love most is reading on means of transport because it’s like taking advantage of an otherwise boring moment. I am happy when i know I’m going to be on a train for an hour, because I get to read more! This is one of the reasons I’m excited to be a book fairy; I want people to experience what a book can do to your day, it can even change your perspective. I believe the written word is a gift, and sharing books is my (our) way to celebrate it and be thankful.

Meet Claira, a Book Fairy in Los Angeles

meet the book fairies claira los angelesMy name is Claira and I love stories. While growing up I learned to read wrapped in the arms of my parents and grandparents and can never thank them enough for sharing the love of reading with me. I will never stop searching for great stories and in 28 years of life I have found nothing more magical than the art of storytelling. Living in Los Angeles, I am happily exposed to stories in all forms. Whether in dance and music, paintings and sculptures, film or novels, life holds beautiful stories. As a reader and writer I will never tire of sharing them.

Meet Diana, a Book Fairy in Barcelona, Spain

book fairy in spain dianaI am a dreamy and creative woman, I like movies, music and of course, books! I enjoy a day with my family and friends, I like to play guitar and do calligraphy, fan of black chocolate and matcha tea. Born in Bogotá – Colombia, living in Barcelona where I studied typography; volunteer in an ONG and proudly Book Fairy in Spain.


Meet Mia, Book Fairy in Denmark

the book fairies in denmark miaHi I’m Mia, I’m 22 years old and I live in Denmark. I study history at Aarhus University and I use my sparetime to be with friends and family as well as spending a lot of time reading books. I love reading because it takes you to an entirely different world. Through books you meet people who you instantly fall in love with and they take you on a journey that goes farther than the words on the pages. When it comes to my favorite book it is too hard to choose! Tamora Pierce and J. K. Rowling are both writers I grew up with and I am quite certain I wouldn’t be the same person without the books about the Tortall universe and the books about Harry Potter. Through the years many more books have joined my collection, and it is completely impossible for me to choose only one.

meet Gosia, a Book Fairy in Poland

book fairies in Poland - meet GosiaGosia Kowalska, a Polish girl with the most Polish surname. I’m a 4th year medicine student, a passionate reader, a lousy ukulele player and an aspiring singer. I’ve sung in a musical, now I sing in a choir and send each year a Christmas carol to my friends. One day I hope to sing to stressed mothers during their labour, as I want to become an Ob-Gyn. Hoping to bring some goodness to the world.

Meet Nadege, a Book Fairy in Slovakia

book fairy slovakia nadegeFirst thing to know about me : I love books, food and history (especially WWII. Originally from Paris, I moved to Bratislava last year to teach French. My job allows me to teach me French (obviously!) but sometimes I also get the chance to talk about books and politics with my students (whom I love very much). My mom told me recently that when I was younger, I would often grab a book and ask my parents to read me stories. I drove them crazy but now they read almost as much as I do 😉

Meet Oz, a Book Fairy in Turkey

meet the book fairies in turkey - ozMy name is Öz. I was born in East Sussex, England to Turkish parents in 1992. I have been living in Bursa, Turkey since 2010, where I completed my studies in Anaesthesia and am now occupied with studying Business Administration. I teach English part time and spend the rest of my free time with volunteer work, trying to better the community I live in. Getting lost in a good book is one of my favourite things in life. I am very excited to be the first Book Fairy in Turkey because there is something very powerful about giving and sharing, putting an unexpected smile on someone’s face. I am excited to be spreading books over my city, to hopefully see more readers everywhere I go, because books are the key to understanding different lives, to learning and ultimately to a peaceful world; and we all need that right now.

Meet Reka, a Book Fairy in Hungary

meet the book fairies in hungary - rekaWhen I was a kid, I did not particularly love reading, I was much more interested in foreign places and new cities. Then as I was growing up I realised that reading is like travelling – a good book can take you to a whole new world. I believe that nowadays people need reading more than ever – taking the time to escape from this continuously buzzing, busy world can help you to stay healthy – both inside and outside. That’s why I’m so excited to become a book fairy and bring books closer to people. I’m very proud of Budapest, as there’s not a single morning when I don’t see passengers reading on the metro, so I hope that our hidden presents will make some bookworm’s day. My motto is: let’s make reading mainstream again! 🙂

Meet Andrea, a Book Fairy in Norway

the book fairies in norway - andreaHi I’m Andrea Belle and I´m 25 years old, living and working here in Norway for about a year now. I spend most of my time working, reading inside Espresso House, listening to Paramore or Joshua Radin and sometimes contemplating while I´m on the bus or train. Other times, I play with my 8-month old adorable niece during my days off from work or loiter at Litteraturhuset or spend time with friends or scroll down on the Yelp mobile app or plan a travel getaway. Aside from books, I like the colour purple, the stars, the beach, chocolates, watching films/series and taking photos of different places. Reading (authors and writers specifically) has mostly changed my perception in this world. I like the idea of learning from other people by reading their works. I was at a very young age when my grandmother first introduced me to the wonderful world of reading books. Ever since I laid hands on my first little book, I continued to read, I wrote on my name and the date I begin reading it, I wrapped plastic covers around each of them for preservation, I considered them as my collection, I went from one bookshop to another to find more books and I have not stopped since 🙂

Meet Grace, a Book Fairy in Ireland

the book fairies in ireland graceI’m thrilled to be the first book fairy in Ireland, the home of so many wonderful writers – and fairies. For me, books are magical and I can’t wait to sprinkle some magic around Dublin. I graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A in English Lit., and Drama Studies. It’s an exciting and frustrating time to be an actor and feminist in Dublin these days. The ‘Waking The Feminists’ movement certainly gave the Irish arts industry a good wake-up call. I see this project as another way of doing my part for feminism in Ireland.

Meet Julie, a Book Fairy in Leeds, U.K.

book fairies in leeds - meet julieI’m a 40 year old paramedic, living in a small village approximately 25 miles outside Leeds. I’ve spent most of my working life in Leeds & help to care for the city’s inhabitants & visitors through my job. I’ve always loved books, and have become an avid reader over the last 3 years or so. My job is rewarding but can also be very demanding and emotional, and books help me to deal with the stress, grief and tragedy I see on a daily basis. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Book Fairies Worldwide story. I want to spread the joy of reading to others, and hopefully help those who don’t easily get access to books. It is a project very close to my heart.

Meet Anna, a Book Fairy in Italy

meet the book fairies in italy - annaBooklover before learning to read (thanks to my bookworm family), I enjoy getting into the minds of the writers. When not reading, you can find me cycling or rollerblading through country roads, trying my best at gardening and organizing activity for kids. Love to host dinner with friends at home. Embracing the fact that I will not be the lady who always looks put together and my messy curly hair :-). Bank employee for a living. A book’s incipit to represent me: “We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life.” (Marina Keegan – The Opposite of Loneliness).

Meet Marie-Celia, a Book Fairy in France

meet the book fairies in france - marie-celiaMy name’s Marie-Célia and I’m a modern languages and law student at La Sorbonne University in Paris. As far back as I can remember I’ve always loved reading and writing as well as books, the way they feel and how they smell. I spent my entire childhood in bookshops. This passion comes from both of my parents and especially from my dad who was himself a writer and would read his stories to me at bedtime. I love travelling and at every possible opportunity I just jump on a plane but never without a good book and great music. I like getting involved and speaking up for the things I believe in, as I think it’s really important nowadays, that’s why I’m an active member in my uni group Sorbonne for the United Nations (including groups as UN Women, UNEP, UNICEF,…).

Meet Tiff, a Book Fairy in Western Australia

Book Fairy Australia TiffI’m Tiff, I live in Perth Western Australia. I’ve grown up with books all around me. From a young age I would fall asleep listening to audio books about the adventures of Winnie the Pooh. My fondest memories from my childhood are of my parents reading me Pollyanna and Anne of Green Gables. These books really shaped me as an individual and I try to live my life with as much love, wonder and enthusiasm as they did. One of my main loves, other than books, is travelling and exploring the world. I think this is another reason why I love books so much! Books transport you to another world, another perspective, even another universe. I love to see things through other peoples eyes and reading allows me to do this. I’m honored to be the first book fairy in Australia. I’m so excited to be able to share my love of books with other people! I love the idea that the books I leave will make someone’s day brighter. I really believe that the book fairies are spreading a little magic around the world with every book that is shared! Follow @bookfairies_aus on instagram!

Meet Anna, a book fairy in Seattle, WA

book fairy seattle meet annaHello! I’m Anna from Seattle, WA. For as long as I can remember books have been an integral part of my life. My mother is a retired librarian and my dad the worlds greatest story teller, and together they planted the seed of loving books in me at a very, very young age. Books provide whole new worlds and languages to become lost in and I always come out the other side knowing more about who I am. While inside a book I am never alone. Being a Book Fairy has breathed an even greater passion for books into me, and every time I share a book my soul flies a little with joy! I’m so honoured to be a part of this amazing project and am excited to keep spreading the love of books! Bibliophiles unite!!

Meet Dana, a book fairy in the Netherlands

the book fairies netherlandsI’m 20 years old and studying at Rotterdam School of Management. I’m actually from Germany, and that’s also why I think the book fairies are so great: it’s incredible to be a part of a worldwide community, especially one as inspiring as this one. No matter who you are, where you are from or where you currently live, everyone can be a book fairy and share the books that they love so that they can be loved by others as well!

Meet Tanya, a book fairy in Florida

book fairies in florida - meet tanyaHi, I am Tanya Mishra. My love for reading began when I was a little girl and my grandfather would lend me books to read from his library hidden in the basement. I spend hours and hours reading classic literature and fell in love with the stories and distant worlds within these pages. When I am not reading, I work with UNICEF advocating and supporting global child education programs and share science & technology opportunities for students around the world through my program, Sprocket. I believe in the power of education and I hope every child has the opportunity to read a book, regardless of social, political or economic conditions! I also share classic vintage books with readers worldwide through my program called Books of Yore. Reading, learning, and sharing the love of books is what makes this world a better place!

Meet Luna, a book fairy in Vienna

Book Fairies in Vienna Austria meet LunaMy Name is Luna, I’m 28 years old and I live in Vienna/Austria. I’m an early childhood teacher and I also studied media education. I’m in love with books and libraries since forever. I got my first membership for the local library when I was three years old and since I can read for myself I always have at least one book with me. You just never know when there will be free time to spend with a book. I try to give my passion about books to the children I work with and now, as a Book Fairy, I have the chance to work a little magic throughout the day. I really love being a Book Fairy.

Meet Nicole, a book fairy in Cape Town

Meet Nicole book fairy in Cape TownI’m a Zimbabwean-born, South African-bred, Cape Town-living lover of literature! I’m 23 years old and a Graphic Designer by trade. I love mac and cheese, writing over on my blog or Medium, planning my next trip and losing myself in my favourite stories. Books have always, always been a part of my life and I am extremely lucky to have grown up in a family that inspired this quality in me. I have especially grateful to my grandfather, my silent cheerleader. Whether I am out on business or discovering another corner of the globe, I always have a book on hand. I am blessed to be a part of this magical movement of Book Fairies and to be a part of inspiring the world’s love of literature and book sharing.

Meet Namita, a book fairy in Bangalore

meet namita book fairy bangalore indiaI am Namita from the beautiful Bangalore and it’s a pleasure to be a book fairy hiding books around this city. Its a joy to find a book hidden mysteriously or to receive one by post and a bigger joy to be able to share it with more and spread it, a notion I fantasized for far too long. I was born in the hearty Delhi and studied literature there, so I credit all my love for books to that city. I love to travel and I anticipate to utilise this channel to make the books travel too and find a new home. Reading books from different cultures, genres and period of time, not just refreshes knowledge but also cultivates a new perspective, one that is different from ours. I have always embraced and encouraged that personally. I have many favourite books and authors, but I hold Wizard of Oz close to my heart always. Its the simplest of a story teaches a life’s lesson of how to cope with the basic necessity of having a heart or a brain or courage missing from life.

Meet Farah, a book fairy in Lebanon

lebanese book fairy farahI’m Farah Fakih, a graphic designer and a combination of both Gemini and Cancer. I enjoy cooking, cleaning and waking up so early to work. Lol! Just pulling your leg.

The only things I’m really good at are collecting books, reading and designing. When lost, can easily be found behind my laptop reading a book.

Meet Mathilda, a book fairy in Finland

meet book fairy in finland mathildaI am Matilda, a Swedish-speaking Finn living in Vasa, Finland. I am PhD-student in educational sciences and currently working on a thesis on learning in informal virtual learning environments, such as video games. Apart from academic texts I also read as much fiction as I can and I love to share my literary experiences with others!