the book fairies bookmarks

The Book Fairies Bookmarks

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These bookmarks will make a delightful addition to your Book Fairy book drop!

The book marks read:

Book Fairies around the world are hiding their favourite reads for others to find and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this book, and look forward to seeing where you leave it next!

“You can find magic everywhere you look. Sit back & relax, all you need is a book.” – Dr Seuss

One order gets 5 bookmarks, and we will include 5 stickers for free! There is also the option to order ribbons and also an extra set of stickers. This is currently limited to one order per person, however there’s nothing stopping you going through and ordering again 🙂


Product Description

book fairies bookmarksThe Book Fairies are delighted to introduce our very own bookmarks!

These can be included inside each book you leave behind…

Along with a sweet quote from Dr Seuss, the bookmarks tell the finder a little bit more about The Book Fairies!

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