reading culture in california

Reading Culture in California

We’ve asked some of our international book fairies to write a piece about the reading culture where they live, to really make the most of our worldwide status! Here are Kaitlyn and Claira, writing about reading in California.

California reading culture

The reading culture in Los Angeles seems to often be over shadowed by the television and film industry. However, more than anything Los Angeles is abundant with various types of creative work. Famous writers such as Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy lived in the city, drawing from its creative energy.

The best thing about Los Angeles is its thriving and ever expanding culture of art and diversity. The city has an array of independent bookstores, book clubs and programs, and an already established audience of book enthusiasts. The reading culture can always improve and expand. In the golden state, and especially in Los Angeles, its certainly a promising venture.

To Americans, reading is a social practice. While many people are not frequent readers those who are share their favourite works with each other. Whether through social media like Goodreads or over drinks at the bar, people will let you know what books move them. I received The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay from my father as a birthday present. And Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir, Fun Home, was a Christmas present given after discussing memoirs with a friend at work. My first experience reading Murakami was at the urging of a friend as we chatted over beers. And like classic cowboys we still share scary stories by the campfire passing the book around so each person can read aloud.

Kaitlyn, on why she became a Book Fairy

meet the book fairies california kaitlyn“I’m looking forward to being a Book Fairy because I believe that books have the power to change lives. Books have opened my mind to new opinions, and have allowed me to connect deeply with myself, people, and other experiences. Books have had a profound and positive impact on my life. I believe being a Book Fairy means I get to share that joy with others. Even possibly, spread a little bit of magic too along the way.”

Claira, on why she became a book fairy

meet the book fairies claira los angeles

“There is no greater magic than that of a good story. I can remember being read to from a very early age, waking up before the light of dawn to the light of my grandmother reading poetry in bed…or my grandfather poring over the news, and curling up to share it with them. There is no end to the joy and connections stories bring and I never lose the sense of wonder in sharing them with others.”


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2 thoughts on “Reading Culture in California

  1. Rachel Luera says:

    I just wanted to say that this excites me. All too often I finish reading a book and shelf it. I hold on to them as long as I can. I then get more books that before I know it I am over whelmed with books and some have to go. Not many people around me like to read so I often unload them in to a bin hoping they end up in a good home. With this movement I can now stick a sticker on it a pretty bow and have someone pick it up and give it new life. Thank you for doing this!

    • cordeliaox says:

      Thank you for your beautiful comment! Sorry for the delay in replying. I hope you are enjoying being a book fairy!

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