Reading Culture in Italy

The Book Fairies asked Anna and Martina to write something about the culture around reading in Italy.

Italian reading culture

Milan is one of the most culturally active cities in Italy. Italy has a long history of culture, and our city offers theaters, museums, concerts, which are widely appreciated. Literature is probably the less exploited side of culture, with less than 50% of the population who reads at least a book per year. However, we believe that this tendency can be changed. By leaving books in the city we want to invite people to rediscover the pleasure of reading, and all that comes with it; learning, happiness, distraction. We want our city to embrace the power of books, to learn and discover new worlds and ideas by reading, to grow and to grow together.

Although some discouraging data (ISTAT says that 9,1% of population has no book at all at home) literature and reading has a huge impact on the everyday life and it is well shown in the various reading festivals around the peninsula, in the growing number of books published each year and in the spontaneous meet up for free book exchange between readers. There’s this feeling that people are re-discovering the pleasure and the positive effect of books and The Book Fairies project will surely boost the movement.

Why is Anna looking forward to being a Book Fairy?

meet the book fairies in italy - anna“I’m jumping with joy knowing I’m part of this incredible journey started in London and landed – among other countries – in my beloved Milan. Books ignite minds and souls and deeply connect people. Becoming a Book Fairy gives me the chance to be the spark of the fire and this makes me wholeheartedly grateful.”

Why is Martina looking forward to being a Book Fairy?

the book fairies in italy martina

“I can’t wait to be a book fairy because I believe reading can brighten everybody’s day, and being a book fairy gives me the chance to share this experience”

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