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The Launch of The Book Fairies

We are so excited to announce that we launch on International Women’s Day, with a great selection of Our Shared Shelf books chosen by Emma Watson!

Who are “The Book Fairies”?

The Book Fairies are people around the world, sharing the joy of reading by leaving their books in public places to be found by the next reader. Often leaving a note inside, and with our sticker on the outside, the books are then found, read, and returned again.


Where could I spot a book on IWD 2017?

Book Fairies around the world are finding interesting places to leave books. They will be taking pictures and posting to our social media channels (twitter, instagram and facebook) and giving out clues about where to find them. We will aim for busy areas, such as public transport and public spaces including parks, libraries and shopping centres. Follow #IWDoursharedshelf on all channels to see where we are heading next..

How many countries are involved?

We are delighted to have official book fairies inย 26 countries around the world. On our launch day, ย 8th March, we are also being supported by established book sharing branches in New York, Washington, Canada, London and Australia.

How can I get involved?

Following our launch, we will be sending stickers around the world so that people can share their own books with others. Click here to order some stickers!

How can I get more information?

Cordelia will be happy to answer any questions you have, just send them over to ๐Ÿ™‚

3 thoughts on “The Launch of The Book Fairies

  1. Jayne - Fairydaft2 says:

    Brilliant idea,
    Thinking of where I can hide some books already and I’ve only just ordered my stickers.

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