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Book Fairy Projects: Books of My Own

We love learning all about the extra projects our book fairies have on the go. Just have a look at what Tricia does in Yakima, Washington! So inspiring.

Books of My Own – by Trisha in the states

I started donating books to our local elementary school years ago as a way of showing my young daughters the further joys of reading…sharing books. I have continued the tradition on my own as they have grown because I enjoy offering books to children who may not have books of their own. I believe reading is a tool that sets a person free. Free to imagine, to think, to evolve, to learn, to forgive, to survive, to hope, to love, to give, to have empathy…all of the best things in life. I was lucky as a young child to have access to books in my home. Not all children are so lucky. Having access to books increases the likelihood that a child will be interested in reading. An interest in reading is the first step to a child becoming a reader. I will continue this tradition that I now call “Books of My Own” because I love to share the joy of reading. It is as simple as that.

Let me tell you a little about what I include in the “Books of My Own” bags.

The books

… with ‘The Book Fairies’ stickers, of course!

books of my own children literacy reading

The Toys

I include a reading buddy, to encourage reading aloud.

The completed bags!

Also inside the bags, I include a reading guide for the children, which I’ve included here:

“Books Of My Own” Fun Reading Practice

Use A Bookmark:

Using a bookmark while you read will help you to keep all the other words on the book separate from the line you are reading. The bookmark included in this bag has a colored plastic piece in the middle, this color might help you to see the words more clearly if the words are difficult to see. When you are done reading, use the bookmark to keep your place in your book, that way you always have it to use when you are reading your book.

Read Aloud To Others:

You can read out loud to your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, pets or even to the stuffed animal included in your “Books Of My Own” bag. Reading out loud is important because you use different parts of your brain when reading aloud than when you read silently. So when you read aloud and silently you are giving your brain a great reading workout!

Read A Little Every Day:

Try to read 20 minutes or more every day. The more you practice, the more you will learn.

Visit Your Local Library:

There is a packet of information about our local libraries, including information about the “Summer Reading Program”. This is a fun way to keep track of all the reading you will be doing this summer, while WINNING PRIZES! Get a library card, there are many fun things to do and to check out at the library!

We love this initiative from Tricia! Do you know anyone who does something like this? Submit your bookey project to 🙂

Want to be a book fairy where YOU live? Head to the bookey goodies page

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  1. Raechel Cain says:

    Thank you so much for starting such an amazing project!!!!! I definitely want to be a book fairy! I live outside Orlando.

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