Book Fairy Projects: Books of Yore

Book Fairies love hiding books all around the world, but our fairies also continue to encourage reading and book sharing at a global level by being involved in or launching brilliant projects/programs of their own!

We asked Tanya, our Book Fairy from Florida, about her initiatives. If you love old vintage books and classic literature, read more about her worldwide program called Books of Yore!


Founded in May 2017,  Books of Yore is an initiative to bring back the love and appreciation of classic literature. Each month we send vintage classic books and a bookmark to readers around the world in order to encourage reading classic literature. We send these books with absolutely no charge! Because anyone, regardless of social and economic background, should be able to read a book they love! Readers then share and circulate these books through any book sharing program of their choice, book clubs or simply giving it to a loved one.

The goal is to keep these magnificent books off the shelves, and in the hands of readers everywhere!

Through this, we hope to give these forgotten old books of history a new purpose. These literature books belong to different genres and help educate people on topics of social, cultural, economic, and educational significance, or simply bring back memories of stories people grew up reading as children!

These books are meant to be read, shared and circulated WORLDWIDE so more people can have the opportunity to read them and pass them on! We have send books to

  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Australia
  • England
  • India
  • Across the United States
  • and to readers in the corners of the world!

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Visit our website – to learn about us and read a letter from me specially to you!

If you love one of our books and want to request it, send an email to Tanya at


Instagram: @booksofyore

Facebook: @booksofyore




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