Celebrating International Book Fairy Day on June 24th

For those of you who did not know, June 24th was a BIG day for Book Fairies WORLDWIDE! June 24th was INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIRY DAY! All of our 5500 lovely book fairies in 100 countries worldwide came together to take on this day and spread the magic of book fairy pixie dust!


Book fairies every where started preparing for this day MONTHS in advance! From selecting beautiful fairy tale books to setting up Book Fairy Meetups in each location for meeting new fairies, and bringing their creativity to the max by baking book fairy cupcakes to making book fairy hair pins, our fairies put in tremendous amount of love and effort to make this day EXTRA special!



On june 24th – #bookfairyday

Up and early, Book Fairies everywhere geared up in GREEN, packed up their “I Believe in Book Fairies” Tote bags and began the day with hiding magical books! Through the summer sun and rain, book fairies spend the day leaving books behind for lovely finders and meeting up with NEW book fairies!!

We cannot wait to celebrate International Book Fairy Day next year with more book fairies and even more books to share!

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