Book Fairy Stories: Sharing a Little Book Fairy Magic in San Francisco, California

We LOVE hearing from our book fairies around the world about their adventures and experiences of hiding books and spreading the joy of reading! Here is an absolutely magical story from a book fairy in San Francisco, California!

My Book Fairy Story

Sharing a little Book Fairy Magic in San Francisco, California

I’m Abbie, a Book Fairy in San Francisco, I’ve believed in the magic of books all my life, so I when I find books I love, I tend not to let them go. When I found out about the Book Fairies, I thought, I love my books, but I have too many of them, this was the only way I could part with a precious few, and create much-needed space (for more books).

However, when I went to hide my first book, I could not believe the surge of powerful positive emotions that came over me. It was like the best Christmas, birthdays, and every fantastic morning rolled up into one moment. I was only going to hide one book at the Golden Gate Bridge, but I ended up hiding three or four books around my neighborhood.

I call books magic because they have the power to change your life, from fiction to personal development, they’ve changed mine. I love books so much I have a Personal Development website dedicated to the power of Self-Help Tools and books are number one on the list.

I love being a Book Fairy, because you get the same feeling every time you hide a book. You are filled with love, hope, and happiness. It is the joy of giving. I enjoy this so much that I am making becoming a Book Fairy a must-do for cultivating the happy habit. If you want to feel better, think ribbon, sticker, and where do I hide my book. I did that today, and 5 hours later I am still smiling.

I am now subconsciously recruiting people I know around the world because I kinda can’t stop sharing how I feel and what it means to me to be a Book Fairy. It is such selfless giving because you don’t know who will get the book, it is also super awesome because of how GREAT you feel.

My Book Fairy Wish

Every drop is a way to say thank you to San Francisco. I give thanks to the books before giving them away, because they’ve meant so much to me. I always hope that the person that needs the book will find it. My one wish is that the book makes a lasting impression in their lives as it did mine.

The Magic of Being a Book Fairy

Watch out for how good it feels. You are giddy from the moment you order your stickers and for days after you hide a book. Our world could use a little more light and love. Being a Book Fairy means I can add a little light, love, and the magic of books.

The true “magic” happening in San Francisco is how being a Book Fairy has made me feel. Thank you.

Thanks for letting me share my story.


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