Book Fairy Treasure Hunt Around The World

On August 14th, Book Fairies all over the world came together to hide books through a worldwide TREASURE HUNT!  Our Book Fairy is Serbia (@bookfairies_serbia), Lidija, would like to tell you all about this great book fairy ADVENTURE!


Have you ever had a really bad day and hoped for something that could blow your mind or make you feel better in an instant?

Or you perhaps wanted to make someone else happy and take the blues out of their bad day?

Have you ever read a book so good that you instantly want to share it with your friends?

Well, you see, these are all perfectly normal emotions that each of us feel at some point or the other. And this is precisely the reason why The Book Fairies exist!

Book Fairies bring magic into everyday life by taking the ordinary and turning it into an extraordinary experience.

And the best part — they always go a step further!

If you have been following us for a while, we’re sure you know how amazing it is to stumble upon a book at your favorite coffee house or to find a book while sitting at a bench having nothing else to do. Maybe you yourself have found a book or two waiting for you near some public monument in your city.

And when you thought — it cannot get better than this, it actually did.

Fairies around the world gathered together with one goal in mind — making hiding books even more special and fun [drum rolls, please] — THE BOOK FAIRY TREASURE HUNT!

Yes, that’s right, The Book Fairy Treasure took place on August 12 and 13 when fairies all the way from South Carolina to Serbia, Cape Town to Canada, Britain to Bangalore and across the globe united to create a wonderful experience for all the curious minds and book lovers around the world.

So what is a Book Fairy Treasure HUNT, you ask?

Imagine if instead of just stumbling upon a book, you had the opportunity to play a little hide and seek. Fairies around the world invested their time and energy to create “clues” , hide goodies, and prizes to make book findings a little bit harder and a lot more fun for you.


Some of them even went the extra mile and made presents to go with the books. Lucky finders then had the opportunity to find a great book to read next, but not only that, they themselves became book fairies in the process because they also found some goodies to go with the books.

Some fairies packed stickers, some created custom-made notes, others even packed notebooks so you could write down your favorite quotes.

And as for the book finders, there were some that were really mini, and others that had a little more years behind them, but all of them went and shared their excitement on social media.

We love BOOK FINDERS! These lucky people posted pics of the goodies they found from #BookFairyTreasure! From South Carolina to Serbia, Cape Town to Canada, Britain to Bangalore… people stumbled upon book fairy goodies ? We want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the book fairies who got stuck in and hid goodies in their area. I think everyone enjoyed it! Let’s keep bookfairying and spreading the joy of reading – and look out for the next event! There are a few great ones in store ? #ibelieveinbookfairies #thankyoufromthebookfairies #thankyou #thebookfairies #bookfairies #bookfairiesworldwide #bookfairy #sharebooks #books #booklove #bookstagram #treasurehunt #treasure #lovereading #lovebooks #instabooks #amreading #reading Be a book fairy! Grab your stickers now: #bookfound #bookfinder

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How many books did we hide in a weekend, you ask?

Well, after counting as many as we could, the number that we came up to was 383 BOOKS!

We’re still on the lookout for book finders, so if you are one of them, we are looking forward to seeing your posts on social media!

Are you interested in becoming a Book Fairy?

It’s simple! Head to our shop and you can order your  stickers!

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