The Fairy Book Club – Sprinkling Magic into Book Discussions

The Book Fairies are EXCITED to announce the start of  ” The Fairy Book Club” on Goodreads!

So you’ve just finished reading only the best book ever and your excitement is through the roof! You turn around; you want to tell someone, anyone about it. You maybe want to share your ideas, thoughts, or insights about this book. The problem is there is absolutely no one around you who has just finished reading the exact book. None of your friends seem to know anything about it!

What if instead you could go to a place where you can discuss the book with people who have also just finished reading it? And not only that! A place where each and every person adds a new perspective to the book; somewhere where you learn more and challenge your point of view.
Now, where is this place?!

Well, it is on Goodreads and it started out only two weeks ago but is already generating wonderful topics for discussion for any bookworm.

Welcome to The Fairy Book Club!

The Fairy Book Club is all about sharing our thoughts and discussing a book each month to help us dig deeper into what we read, encourage each of us to read more and help us stumble upon books that we wouldn’t have otherwise. We already have more than 450 members in more than 40 countries! (And that is only what we could count based on the people who have introduced themselves; some of them were shy though.)

It is a loving and supporting group for everyone – fairies and non-fairies. The only two criteria needed to join this exciting group is: You absolutely have to LOVE reading and you have to be prepared to embark on this journey of exploration of books from all around the world.

If you think this might not be the right place for you, let us tell you this – it is definitely for you! If you are a person who knows a lot about books and asks an infinite number of questions or if you are on the quieter side and only enjoy reading comments from others and learning more about the book you’ve just read, the fairy book club is the place for you to be!

As you know, not everyone sees the world the same way as another. Each perspective is unique. Each culture brings different backgrounds and knowledge which shapes the way a person understands the book in front of them. Imagine the amount of fun we will have while discussing books with people all around the world. You will see a book from a number of angles and it will help you understand the book and it will enhance your analytical skills as well.

What are you waiting for?

If you still haven’t joined the group, now is the right time. We have just chosen the very first book to read! We boiled down the choices to five classic books from England to celebrate the country where The Book Fairies originated from and to encourage people to read classic books that they just haven’t gotten to yet.

(Yes, sometimes you miss some classics because, honestly, who can keep track of everything?)
And then the really fun part began – voting! Everyone had a vote in choosing the book that we will read first. Apparently, the choice was easy, because it was a clear win for… Sorry, not sure if we should tell you what book it is because you can find all about it in the discussion on Goodreads.

This will serve as a nice test as well because we love seeing curious and avid learners join our group, so if you are one of them, head right now to our book club and find out about it yourself. There are a whole lot more SURPRISES waiting for you! We know that each bookworm has an adventurous side to their personality. After all you do like exploring new worlds through reading. This is why we have another discussion about bookshops you can visit around the world. Next time you’re traveling, feel free to research which bookshops you’ll visit there. Don’t forget to post your suggestions as well.

We’ve also launched a book swap discussion that encourages people to post about a book they’ve just read and see if anyone from the group is interested in reading the book themselves. If so, the first one to claim its rights to the book gets it! How? Well, the person who posted about it will actually send the book to YOUR address! Or you could send your book and make someone else happy. Imagine how many people can read the same copy of the book you first owned. Wouldn’t it be lovely to keep track of the names of the people who get your book, so if this same copy ever reaches your hands again, you will be able to see how many people enjoyed the book thanks to you. Pretty amazing!

We’ll leave you with a final piece of advice, (not to rush you or anything), but this might be the time to hurry up to the book club. You don’t want to miss anything new and exciting that’s happens there!

Want to know how to become a book fairy?

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