Book Fairies and Goodreads team up for #hideabookday!

On September 18th, Goodreads partnered with The Book Fairies to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Hide A Book Day was all about book fairies, authors and readers coming together and hiding books all around the world.

What was #hideabookday about?

How does a day dedicated to the celebration of books and readers sound? Hide A Book Day was exactly that! On occasion of Goodreads turning 10, the Book Fairies joined forces with Goodreads and created a special event. Special stickers created by Goodreads were placed on front cover of books along with the Book Fairies stickers and left at different places and locations.

Around 4500 Goodreads stickers were send all over the world to readers as well as book fairies everywhere AND hundreds and thousands of books were hidden for people to find, read and share again!

Who participated?

We were THRILLED to see so many people, book fairies, authors and publishers hiding books on the special day. It was one of the rare occasions when not only Book Fairies around the world were working hard to share some books but we were also joined by readers sharing their favorite books and authors hiding their own creations. And as usual, we loved seeing all the happy finders.

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Did you miss #hideabookday?

Not to worry! Book Fairies hide books around the world EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you would like to join and become a book fairy head over to the shop where you can order your stickers!

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