Book Fairies celebrate Classics Day around the world!

We grew up with some of them, our parents have them waiting on dusty shelves, we even studied them at school: Classics are all around us! And because Classics are always a good idea, the Book Fairies decided to put them under the spotlight for a very special Book Fairy Classics day!

So, what exactly happened on Book Fairy Classics day?

On the 2nd of September, the Fairies got ready, spread once again their wings and gathered together all around the world, grabbing their fairy totes and white or green ribbons to hide a large panel of some classic works of literature. They flew across their own towns, as fast and discreet as possible, to leave the books without being seen.

#BookFairyClassics day kicked off in India where the local Book Fairies left The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry for someone else to find. The infamous tale some of us grew up with waited at a Café for a new reader to pick it up.

Because the Book Fairies do not do things by half (and because they secretly love every single one of her books), the Book Fairy in chief, Cordelia, drove up to Jane Austen’s house museum especially for the occasion (yes, she did!) and sprinkled books all the way up to Chawton in Hampshire.

But what would the Book Fairies be without finders? True magic only happens when the books meet their new readers! And they were a few that day.

When Kacie met Pride and Prejudice:

Kacie along with her family were lucky enough to find a copy of said book and she took on Instagram to share her enthusiasm saying:

Today we discovered a copy of Pride and Prejudice hidden outside the Jane Austen’s House Museum by the Book Fairies and it completely made our day! What a simple, beautiful, delightful thing!

Want to join in with the Book Fairy fun?

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