Book Fairy Stories: Ralitsa Stoyanova becomes #BOOKFAIRYFORADAY in Sofia

The Book Fairies  are always THRILLED when different authors, libraries, bookstores and publishers are excited to become a part of book fairies and help us spread the love of books! Recently on #bookfairyforaday, author Ralitsa Stoyanova, joined our official book fairy in Bulgaria (@bookfairies_bulgaria) and hid copies of her book “Y Chromosone” all around Sofia!

On 11th September, young Bulgarian author, journalist and blogger Ralitsa Stoyanova and The Book Fairies joined forces and celebrated her debut novel, Y Chromosome, by hiding copies of the book in the Sofia city centre. The first book drop location was the house-museum of poet Peyo Yavorov on the famous Rakovski Street, where the story from the novel actually begins.

All of the copies had a personal message from the author!

I’ve been following The Book Fairies initiative and I think it is really lovely! It was a pleasure becoming a #BookFairyForADay, Ralitsa said.

Meeting Ralitsa and doing book drops together was amazing! We are looking forward to her next projects, our official book fairy in Bulgaria, Ilka, said.




The novel won third place on the Bulgarian National Television’s reality show Rakopisat, The Manuscript, and got published in May.

Are you aware that there is a 10% chance a woman can carry a Y chromosome? Y Chromosome is a fiction story about the scars that one’s beloved people can leave. Martin, Kalin and Kaloyan are the most important men in Siya’s life. A fictional illness, the Alien Syndrome, interweaves the characters’ fates and gives a new perspective on loving, leaving, marriage, family and motherhood.

You can order the book from these links:, Helikon, Orange, BookPoint.

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