Book Fairies are visiting little free libraries on #MiniBookShare Day!

On November 4th, Book Fairies everywhere will be getting ready for #MiniBookShare Day. We will be actively seeking out little free libraries around the world and hiding our favorite books. We’d love for you to join us!

What is a little free library?

Have you seen a little library in your neighbourhood or park? These mini book exchanges are popping up everywhere! Meant to share books and foster community involvement, anyone can be a free library steward if you have the space and the books.

A little free library can be any indoor or outdoor space, in all sizes and shapes, which allows the public to pick a free book and return one to replace it! Whether its a wooden box, or a little trailer, these colorful little libraries are easy to spot! So start looking around your community and find these hidden treasures. Get ready to show your gratitude to a fellow bookophile!

About #minibooksharE Day

On November 4th, Book Fairies around the world are getting EXCITED to look for these amazing mini-book exchanges and hide our favorite books! The lovely team at Little Free Libraries is helping us in spreading the word by getting the word out to their 50,000 registered stewards with an article in their October newsletter!

These little libraries are all over the world, and in your local community! Here is a short introduction of one such library in Australia –

While Little Free Library has a pretty comprehensive map on their site, not everyone opts to be on the world map. So feel free to search around your neighbourhood for these libraries! Whether its near a school, learning centre, community centre, parks, tourist locations, cafes, or locations where people walk by often, these libraries are easy to find!

Want to join in with the Book Fairy fun?

Its easy! Head down to our shop and get your stickers, as well as other book fairy goodies!

24 thoughts on “Book Fairies are visiting little free libraries on #MiniBookShare Day!

  1. Karen Powell says:

    Please send the snook fairy ( I am calling you Book Angels) to the Little Free Library of Grace at Glagler Park in Dtuart Florida. Thie LFL of Grace is in memory of my beautiful daughter, Grace Ann Powell., who is now an Angel. Grace LOVED books and reading to children. We placed this unit on Grace’s Birthday at a park where many low income children come to play and celebrate their own birthdays. I visit the library 3 times a week to replenish the books, as it is always empty ( which makes me happy that books, like Acts of Grace) are spreading through the community. Grace believed in Fairies… like no other. Before Grace returned to Heaven at age 13, she published 53 Children’s books. Her very first book is called “ Lilly’s Adventure”… a story about a Fairy who. Evokes a Mermaid in order to help a lonely Dragon. Please visit and feel the grce of my Grace. Your wings will sparkle!

  2. Debra says:

    I would love to have a visit a my Little Free Library in Loma Linda, California, USA from the Book Fairies! I had no idea you existed until LFL told us about your Mini Book Share Day! I am looking forward to learning more and possibly joining in!

  3. Karen Fishburn says:

    I have a Little Free Library in Frederick, MD (charter #26292) and was wondering if there was still time to request a visit from a book fairy? We have regular foot traffic (and folks who stop while driving by) and I am sure that our readers/patrons would love to get to some treats from a book fairy. Thank you for what you are doing here.

  4. Connie Davies says:

    Dear Miss Book Fairy,
    Please Miss Book Fairy visit My Little Free Library. 221 Dillon Drive, orange Park Florida. Built by my daughter.

    Years ago I asked my carpenter husband to build one for me. He refused and claimed it was the dumbest idea I ever had. NOW HE LOVES TALKING TO PEOPLE WHO VISIT MY LITTLE FREE LIBRARY. Guess it wasn’t such a dumb idea

    I always enjoyed Fairy Tales, I own: The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Mammoth Book of Fairy Tale, and a coveted,coverless, worn, volume entitled The Illustrated Treasury of Children’s Literature. The latter includes Kate Greenway illustrations.

    Connie Davies

  5. Nancy Rye says:

    I would like to have a book fairy visit any of these little free libraries:
    1552 Oceanaire Dr, San Luis Obispo CA
    689 W. McComb, Porterville CA
    1236 Bonhurst Dr, Redding CA
    20156 Londelius, Winnetka CA
    4991 S. Buckingham Lane, Springfield MO

  6. Rest and Read LFL says:

    We hope your book fairy visit the very first LFL in Dixon, CA. Its grand opening was on Flag Day (June 14) this year. Since then, one more LFL has opened in Dixon, and five more are “in the wings.” We could use some magical “fairy dust” so we can reach even more readers!

  7. The Brandano Family says:

    We would love a book fairy visit on November 4th at Nonesuch-Frost Little Free Library charter #53131 in Natick, Ma

  8. Laura Elsenboss says:

    Please visit mine, charter #49943! It is located at the YMCA of the Treasure Coast, 1700 SE Monterey Rd, Stuart.

  9. Barbara Bass says:

    I love my little Free Library. It had been a positive addition to our neighborhood. What a great gift to the neighborhood and the Steward.

  10. Janice Lord says:

    I have a little free library that would love a visit by the book fairies. The design of my library was inspired by a book fairy, Callie, #calliebelievesinbookfairies. My library number is 58184 and my address is 4900 W 145th St., Midlothian, IL 60445

  11. Paula M. LFL Charter # 45556, Jersey City, NJ says:

    HI Book Fairy! Please visit our Kensington Avenue Little Free Library in Jersey City, NJ. Our neighborhood love waking up to find new surprise each day! Our community is busy sharing the joy of reading and have started the “Jersey City Reading Revolution”. Check out our community events on our Facebook page:
    Established April 16th, 2017, our Little Free Library has been gifted to our neighborhood through the Impact Fund & Whoopi Goldberg. The television host included Little Free Libraries at the top of her list of “Whoopi Goldberg’s Favorite Things” on the November 14 episode of The View.
    Watch the segment here:

  12. Liam and Maddox says:

    If there is a book fàiry in Caledonia Ontario Canada we would love a visit from the book fairy. The Little Free library is on Morgan Drive

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