Boo!! Do you believe in #TheBookScaries?

On October 31st,  Book Fairies all over the WORLD got ready to share their scariest and spookiest book treats in celebration of Halloween! One of our book fairies in Hamilton is excited to share her experience and story on this day!

Book Scaries in Hamilton

Remember that excitement you feel when two amazing things happen together, like when you win a lottery on your birthday or being upgraded to first class when flying overseas? That’s exactly how the Book Fairies of Hamilton felt during our #TheBookScaries campaign. Not only was it Halloween but it also happened to be New Zealand Book Shop Day during the time. Our two favourite things had just become one. As excited as we were, we also felt we had to brain storm a bit so that we could do both our campaigns justice, and that’s when the ‘Do you believe in Book Fairies – Book hunt’ was born.

We drew inspiration from a UK bookfairy who had previously done a similar book drop, and decided to turn into a full day of book hunts. The idea was simple, instead of dropping books around the community like we usually do, we decided to drop our Halloween books at book stores around Hamilton, who were already geared to celebrate the NZ Book Shop Day. And not just simply drop the books, but hand the books over to the staff at the store who would then be our Book Guardian, safekeeping the book until a lucky finder would come seeking it. So, how would people know where to find them? Aha! We are glad you asked. Following a book drop, we immediately posted the book’s location with a hint and to claim the book, all you had to do was walk into the store, find a staff and ask them if they believed in bookfairies.

In the spirit of Halloween, we even dressed our horror books as little mummies, ready to give you the scare of a life time. And so played out a very interesting Saturday, with both the book stores and book hunters eager to join in the fun and claim the books.

Take a look at one of the mummified books and tell me you wouldn’t be racing to the store yourself. The book hunt was a success with one finder even claiming books from two different book stores.  and can you blame her? Who wouldn’t want one of these mummies home in time for Halloween.

This was a campaign that we thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did it give us a chance to spend Halloween the way we know best, by dropping book books around the community, but it also allowed us to do it places we love, like the local book stores. Yup, two awesome things at once. So, do you believe in book fairies?

For pictures of the book drops, head on to bookfairies_hamilton on Instagram.

The Book Scaries Campaign

This worldwide campaign brought together all of our book fairies to share and hide their most favorite and loved spooky books in all sorts of creative manners! Check out some of our AMAZING books drops and books found on his Halloween day using the #TheBookScaries on Instagram, and Twitter!

Want to join in the book fairy fun?

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