Book Fairies take over the Space Needle City!

This week the Book Fairies were THRILLED to be featured in THE SEATTLE TIMES!! The Book Fairies are working their wings off to spread their cause—get people reading- far and wide.


“We’re like tiny little librarians all over the world,” says our Washington Book Fairy in the article.

Next week from November 13th-18th, these little librarians will be hiding copies of Rachel Linden’s Ascension of Larks along the West Coast of the United States.

“There’s something irresistible about the idea of fairies, through serendipitous gifts, uniting book lovers and encouraging the joy of reading.” says the article.

About the book

The story takes place mainly in the San Juan Islands in northwestern Washington and dives into the meaning of “what is home?” This powerful tale of loss and discovery follows the life of Maggie and her best friend Lena, after the tragic death of Lena’s husband (and Maggie’s deepest love), Marco. Maggie is faced with life-altering decisions that not only affect her but also the lives of Lena and her three young children.

Rachel Linden is a novelist and international aid worker. She holds a BA in Literature from Huntington University, a MA in Intercultural studies from Wheaton College and studied creative writing at Oxford University. She enjoys creating stories about courage with a touch of whimsy. Linden is a Seattle based author and this is her first novel. The book is beautifully written and has touched one of our fairies enough to start a campaign around Linden’s novel.

Our Washington Book Fairy felt that the setting made this the perfect book to hide along the West Coast and has been lucky enough to work with Linden to make that happen. Copies of her book will be hidden around Washington especially Seattle, Portland, and multiple cities throughout California, especially Los Angeles and Orange County. so keep your eyes peeled on the Book Fairies social media to see where they end up!

“Think of them as Tinkerbells bearing books,” claims the Times article. We love that and couldn’t agree more.

Want to join in the Book Fairy fun?

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