#MiniBookFairies Week at Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital

It’s CHILDREN’S WEEK from The Book Fairies! A week promised to be packed with great books, fantastic locations and lots of fun! Today we have a story from Bristol, UK, which will inspire book fairies around the world. Check out #MiniBookFairies online to see all the photos.

So far, it’s been a fantastic week, with Book Fairies hiding books worldwide. There have been many happy faces on little ones who have found books as well as happy faces on the book fairies that hid them.

Book Fairy Alia visited Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital

book fairies visit bristol hospitalOn this special occasion, a Book Fairy in the UK joined forces with the fantastic Radio Lollipop Team at the Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital for the very first time. Radio Lollipop volunteers do an amazing job and provide play and entertainment to thousands of sick children. Radio Lollipop gives young patients a voice and a choice during their stay. While they can´t say “no” to taking their medicine or receiving treatment, they can request their favourite songs, win prizes and hear their own voices on the radio (https://www.facebook.com/radiolollipop).

The books they hid around the hospital

free books book fairies in hospital

This book fairy chose a real variety for the children, including Charlie Cook’s Favourite BookPaddington: The Book of the MovieThe Paper DollsThe Snail and the Whale and The Smartest Giant in Town. What a treat to stumble upon treasure such as these when they visited the hospital today – or even better to brighten the day of a child who spends a lot of time there 🙂

Thank you to Radio Lollipop

bristol childrens hospital paddingtonFor this Bristol Book Fairy, Children’s Week has been the favourite book drop by far. As the wonderful volunteers from Radio Lollipop helped hide books around the hospital, there was nothing but smiles from the nurses and parents alike when they realised we hiding and sharing books for little ones to find. Many of the nurses were very excited to receive the books and were looking forward to reading them! Thank you to the Radio Lollipop Team, the Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital and the wonderful nurses who do an amazing job everyday.

Alia is a Book Fairy in Bristol, UK. She started out with some stickers, a pile of secondhand books and the hope to bring joy to people in her local area. Look how far she’s come! Where will book-fairying take you? Find out after you order your first set of stickers!

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