The Book Fairies declare a Day of Reading!

We are so excited to declare a day of reading as the book fairies go OFFLINE! A day of reading is a chance to put down your phone, log off social media stuff and just… read. Read that book you’ve hit a wall with. Read that book that’s been on the shelf for months. Read that book you bought yesterday. Read that book you’ve told everyone you’ve already read. Whatever it is, we are celebrating a whole day offline with a book. πŸ“š

Day of Reading: Friday 29th December

We’ve chosen a day near the end of the year, where things are calming down a little, and you might… justΒ might find yourself with a few hours to spare.

Everyone needs a reminder to take some time to yourself. Invite your friends to join you, turn off your phone, and just enjoy discovering a new story – or revisiting one.

How can I get involved?

It’s pretty easy. Just put down your phone, pick up a book and read. All day. Or at least part of the day. We want you to spend a good few hours losing yourself in another world. And yes it is a little selfish… as that is exactly what we want to do too 😊

What can I do to prepare?

Choose a book! Then? Tell everyone you’re celebrating the Day of Reading with The Book Fairies and you might be a little quiet. You can even tell us which book you’ve chosen by commenting below or posting a pic of the book with #bookfairiesoffline BEFORE the 29th πŸ‘

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