Life Without Plastic: How to Be More Green

What is the first image that pops into your head if someone says “Book Fairies”?

For us it’s our green stickers and green totes. Really pretty aren’t they? But, have you ever asked yourself why green? One reason is because The Book Fairies are trying to be green in every way. If you have ever ordered some of our goodies, you might have noticed the packaging looking a bit worn out or that it’s made of recycled paper … or that our t-shirts are climate neutral. So imagine how excited we were when we were to meet one of the authors of a new book titled Life Without Plastic!

Life Without Plastic is focussed on reducing the amount of plastic used in everyday life. Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha have been trying to live plastic free life for fifteen years and have recently launched a book with tips on how to follow in their footsteps and lead plastic free lives. In December they contacted our Canadian fairies and donated a few of their books to hide.

Here are a few pics from our book drop in Canada:

They love what we are trying to do and when Jay came to London for Ocean Plastic Crisis Summit we were very lucky to meet him.

We discussed the areas of our lives where we can control the amount and use of plastic and what are the alternatives. He even gave us a stainless steel spork and straw! How cool is that?! And because we all need some encouragement and inspiration to live our lives a bit greener we asked our fairies and followers to share their ideas on how to reduce plastic waste… and we got some amazing answers! Some people switched from plastic shopping bags to reusable cotton bags (hey, even our fairy tote can double as a shopping bag), some buy groceries in bulk to avoid plastic packaging or use wooden toothbrushes instead of plastic ones and some even make their own toothpaste!

Head over to our Instagram account for even more inspiration and excuse us while we go enjoy a green smoothie with our new reusable straw!

Head to the Life Without Plastic website for more tips!

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