Book Fairy Activities in March!

Woohoo! Birthday month is finally here and it’s going to be amazing. We hope you have stocked up on our beautiful limited edition birthday stickers, because not only are they gorgeous, but you are going to need them for our many awesome activities planned. So pull out your calendars and get ready to block the dates and have an epic month of March Book Fairy Madness ahead!

1st March – 31st March


Happy Birthday to us!!

Let’s populate our countries, towns and cities with as many books as possible. Let us remind everyone the joy of sharing and receiving and most importantly the delight of curling up with a book. Feel free to drop as many books as you like and don’t forget to tag your posts with #ibelieveinbookfairies. It’s our birthday and let’s give the world the book party of a lifetime.

2nd March – 7th March


The Inaugural Book Fairy Oscars!

Before they were movies, they were books. That’s the theme of our inaugural Book Fairy Oscars. Watch out for the 2nd of March when the winners of the first ever Book Fairy Oscars will be announced. These are your winners, so from the 2nd to the 7th of March, join the many bookfairies worldwide, in dropping our Book Fairy Oscar winners and nominees. Trust us, Hollywood isn’t going to be the only ones sizzling in Oscar fever this time.

8th March


International Women’s Day!

This is the day it all began. We were officially launched last year this day and so the IWD is doubly important to us. Make sure you stock up on your feminist books, books with strong female characters or books written by female authors, because come the 8th, we are going to be dropping these books, all over the world. Let’s show our support to this amazing day celebrating women around the world.

9th March – end of the month


Bake a Book Fairy Cake!

What’s a birthday without a cake…or a cookie…or a cupcake? Book Fairies are notorious for having a sweet tooth and we cannot imagine a celebration without something sweet. Put down your book for a few hours and instead, pull on an apron because we are going to get baking. Add a dash of love, some zest of excitement, slather it with fairy frosting and show us what you would bring to our birthday party. Let’s get creative and make a sweet treat fitting for our Birthday month. What is going to make it even sweeter is that the pic of the best and most fitting book fairy birthday treat, stands to win a special prize from us. This is going to continue all through the month and we’ll announce the winner on the first week of April.

15th March


It’s Fairy Book Club Drop day!

In February, the Fairy Book Club on Goodreads threw the spotlight on Australian fiction and picked ‘Breathing Under Water’ by Sophie Hardcastle for our group read. We hope you enjoyed the read. On the 15th, it’s time to release the book to the wild. Yup, if you have a copy of the book to spare, please consider dropping it for someone else to find and enjoy. If you still haven’t joined the Fairy Book Club, then head on to Goodreads right away. We have already picked our book for March!

16th March – end of the month


Make an epic book drop!

What is an epic book drop, you ask? Well, you know we love pics of every book drops you do, but every so often a book drop comes along that truly takes your breath away. A book drop, where the books aligns so perfectly with the location that it is dropped, that the world stands still for a second. Ok, maybe we are being a little dramatic, but you get the picture, don’t you? Match a book with its most perfect location. Don’t forget to tag us in the pic and let us know what makes it epic. Epic pictures stands to win epic prizes too. Oh, we do love this all around epicness.

21st March


It’s World Poetry Day!

If you love poetry just as much as we do, then join us on the 21st to hide amazing collections of poetry around the world. The world can always do with more poetry and we are going to make sure we deliver.

25th March


It’s Book Fairies Offline time again!

We know, what a month, right? So many activities that I’m sure we deserve a break. Presenting… our second Book fairies offline. Take the day off and curl up with a book. Bid adieu to all forms of technology, albeit temporarily, and just indulge in the world around you. We are going ‘screen free’ and just enjoying our offline life. Besides, after the crazy busy month, we reckon it’s time to rest and recharge.

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