Book Fairy Birthday Stories: Anna in Italy

As we celebrate a year of The Book Fairies, we are chatting to book fairies all over the world – and sharing their stories. We hope you enjoy learning about Anna in Italy!

The story of Anna, a book fairy in Italy

I first got in contact in December 2016. At that time I was running a free books exchange program in my home town but I was feeling I wasn’t doing enough. It was during the Christmas break that I spot on the internet the news of people leaving books for strangers on the London tube and I instantly knew that was the inspiration I was looking for. I looked for their e-mail address in the contact page and wrote them to express my desire to import their activity model to Italy in case they were keen to expand outside Britain.

A few weeks later I received an e-mail from Cordelia with an invitation to join a new movement that would have spread all around the world in Spring 2017 and I, without even doubting about it for a second, happily accepted. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of fun and emotions.

Books have meant so much for me all through my life: they have been a safe harbour during hectic times, a travel machine to ages and lands far way, an open door to people’s feelings and emotions. I crossed oceans and walked miles, while discovering new things that would end up in a never-ending list of things to do in real life: food to taste, music to listen, cities to visit, people to meet. Knowing someone may stumble upon one of the books I released and feel these same feelings makes me incredibly pleased and fulfilled.

I had the chance to collaborate with kindergartens and I declare that kids are the best at catching the magic of Book Fairies. They fully understand the joy of sharing books and stories and they really do believe that something magic and unexpected can happen to you everyday.
A class of preschoolers help me and my fairy friend to draw up a recipe for a perfect book: lots of hearts to represent the passion the authors put in writing and the love of adults who read to children, a handful of fairy dust to sprinkle some magic, a wide spectrum of emotions and feelings, some water because books can make us cry with tears of joy or sadness, a long list of names as books recount the stories of each and every one and a little yeast because books make us grow and inspire empathy.

Being a Book Fairy has changed me for the better! These past twelve months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and I’m looking forward to many more years of spreading my own fairy wings!

p.s. The book I’m holding in the pic is “Aria di Vetro” by Elisa della Scala, an Italian writer I had the great opportunity to discover thanks to my work with the Book Fairies!

Anna runs our Italy pages with the help of another fairy called Marti. You can find them at:

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If this has made you want to share your books or get involved in some way, head to this page to grab some Italian stickers or find some goodies in the shop or contact us on bookfairyemail @ 🙂

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