Book Fairy Birthday Stories: Deborah in Northern Ireland

As part of our birthday celebrations (one year!! wow!) we are inviting book fairies to come forward with their stories – from all corners of the globe. Today we hear from Deborah, a book fairy in Northern Ireland 🙂

The story of Deborah in Northern Ireland

I first got involved in Bookfairy business last spring after I saw Emma Wilson hide books. I am the official Bookfairy in Northern Ireland & love sharing the love of books & reading in my country.

My very first book was Chris Packhams “Fingers in the Sparkle Jar” which I shared exactly one month after The Book Fairies started.

Since then, I’ve been involved with many nationwide campaigns, including children’s books and book launches!



To my delight Chris Packham tweeted about my bookdrop! This only made me more determined to share books. It’s a great “job” & one I hope to be able to continue doing for a long time.

Happy birthday to the Bookfairies worldwide ?

You can find Deborah on:

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