Book Fairy Birthday Stories: Lidija in Serbia

As part of our birthday celebrations, we’re inviting book fairies around the world to share their book fairy stories… this way, you will see just how diverse and incredible our worldwide community is! Join us 🙂

The story of lidija in serbia

I became a book fairy because I liked the idea of extending the life of books by letting them wander from one reader to another.

One night feeling hopeless, I was looking at Instagram and I saw a video of the actress Emma Watson, with a green tote bag that said “I believe in book fairies” was hiding copies of Handmaid’s Tale in Paris. Seconds later I was on the website reading every page to learn more about this idea. And as usually happens to me when I completely relate to something, 10 minutes later I was drafting an email to ask how I can become not a book fairy (I got that, you buy stickers) but an official one for my country. I felt excited to have the opportunity to bring this idea to my country as well. I got a reply in the morning and a couple of emails later, I was opening Instagram page and planning which book to drop first.

The number one challenge so far is getting more people involved independently to drop books around other cities in Serbia. My goal is to have people almost in every city in Serbia working on this together. But successes trump challenges. Success is when you drop a book and you get a #bookfound post seconds later. Success is when someone contacts you on Instagram to tell you how much they love the idea. Success is when you reach even minor milestones that turn into big ones – 10 books dropped, 20 books dropped, 100, 200… Success is when you overhear someone saying “Oh those are the book fairies, you know they drop books for others to find.” Success is to be a part of the worldwide movement with almost 10,000 people who are enthusiastic about this just as you are and who help you never lose hope or desire to drop just one more book and just one more after that one and then the next one and so on…

You can find Lidija on:

A massive Happy Birthday to every single book fairy! If you want to get started, head to this page to find your first goodies 🙂 (Warning: bookfairying has been known to be addictive). Read more book fairy stories here.

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