Book Fairy Birthday Stories: Monica in the Philippines

We are enjoying discovering all of these Book Fairy Stories from around the world as we celebrate our first birthday! Today we talk to Monica in the Philippines 🙂

The story of monica in the philippines

I had been looking for an advocacy that I can take part of when I saw the news about Emma Watson hiding books in New York last year. Immediately, I knew I wanted to become a Book Fairy. It was because first, I have always loved books. Second, as a speaker and communication training consultant, I have always encouraged my audience and participants to read. I applied to be the official Book Fairy of the Philippines. Fortunately, I was given this opportunity.

People may think that because we are Book Fairies, we get to help a lot of people, but being a Book Fairy also helps me in many ways. First, it gives me a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Every time I make a book drop, I feel like I am able to light up my own little corner of the world. Second, I am able to express my creativity. When I am about to do a book drop, I am challenged to do something creative and new by choosing the next book to drop and the place to hide it in, by taking an Instagram-worthy photo and by writing a captivating caption. Third, it allows me to meet and interact with more people including other Book Fairies, authors and readers around the world. It is good to know that there are other people who share my vision and passion.

Lastly, as a homeschooling mom, I have encouraged my four-year daughter to become a Book Fairy. My daughter has been dropping books with me since last year. Being a little Book Fairy has taught her the value of generosity and has helped her develop a love for reading. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to bond.

It is true then that being a Book Fairy allows me to help people, but it definitely also helps me grow as a person. I hope more people can join me and the rest of the Book Fairies around the world in our quest to spread the joy of reading.

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Thank you to Monica for sharing! If her story has inspired YOU to become a book fairy – then what are you waiting for? Grab some stickers, maybe a tote bag for your books, and get hiding 🙂

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