Book Fairy Birthday Stories: Nastja in Slovenia

In March we turn ONE YEAR OLD, and we’ve invited book fairies around the globe to share their book fairy stories… we hope you enjoy finding out more about these magical beings 🙂

The story of nastja in slovenia

One year – 12 months – 52 weeks – 365 days. Depending on the way you look at this numbers it may sound a very long time or very short, because, yes, time is relative. When you’re 5 months in, which is how long I’ve been an official book fairy in Slovenia, time seems to fly by in an instant.

My first encounter with the book fairies to-be was when I saw Emma Watson’s posts on Instagram of hiding books for Book on the Underground in November 2016. I remember thinking how cool that was. Then, in March 2017 she became a book fairy along with other people around the world.

I loved the idea and for months I patiently waited when would fairies get their wings in Slovenia so I could be one of the lucky book finders. But I slowly got tired of waiting and decided to take action – and became a book fairy myself!

I enjoy being a book fairy more than words can explain. That is not to say I haven’t experienced some challenges. It is hard to introduce an innovative idea, no matter how wonderful it is, into an area and also to do it alone. But just as I think of giving up, a book finder sends a note with thanks or someone new discovers your work and wants to help you and give you back hope and makes you even more determined to spread between people the joy only reading books can bring.

So far, joining The Book Fairies, being a part of this amazing and support community has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Happy birthday fairies!

You can find Nastja on:

A massive Happy Birthday to every book fairy this March! If you want to get involved, head to this page to find your first goodies 🙂 (Warning: bookfairying has been known to be addictive). Read more book fairy stories here.

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