Book Fairy Day in Leuven, Belgium

On Sunday the 24th of June The Book Fairies celebrated #BookFairyDay and we all had an amazing time! In Belgium, The Book Fairies from the city of Leuven, celebrated by going to a local book event.

book fairy day at Boek Lokal

Leuven Leest (translation: Leuven Reads) is a literary community and a collaboration between readers and writers, local bookstores, the local library and Leuven’s cultural centre 30cc.

They organize many events, have a reading club, give reading tips, share their favourite reading spots with the aim to bring people together.

Sunday’s event was organized to celebrate their one-year anniversary, so it seemed the perfect place to celebrate #BookFairyDay too. An event where people come together to celebrate books is simply magical and people could enjoy an hour of slow reading followed by a book sale, readings and workshops.

The Book fairies Leuven went to sprinkle their magic and dropped lots of books at the event. We also used our beautiful posters for the first time and truly hope people noticed them 😊. And of course, we wouldn’t be true book lovers if we didn’t buy lots of books at the book sale.

Photos from the event:
















Leuven Leest is a wonderful organisation and The Book Fairies Leuven were happy to meet some of the people behind it. We all have the same goal, to encourage people to read, to bring readers together and support local authors and book stores.

The Book Fairies Leuven are looking forward to the next Leuven Leest event and we are happy that #BookfairyDay was a success.


Useful links:

  • Leuven Leest
  • 30cc

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