The Woolf and The Book Fairy: A Voyage Out

A writer for The Woolf spent a day with a book fairy in Switzerland recently! Here is how it went.

A voyage out with a book fairy

She checks over her shoulders, twice, before pulling two small parcels out of the large black bag with gold lettering. It is a mild May evening in Zürich. The sun bathes the smooth quartzite of the Sechseläutenplatz in a soft caramel yellow. People are scattered all over this public space, soaking in the rays, sipping espresso in nearby café Schiller or idly chatting with their peers on the opera house steps.

We stop and look up at the opera house, steeped in rich traditions. its pristine façade proudly watching over this square. The national circus is here now and occupying a lot of the space. Four bulky letters at the pinnacle of the vast white tent stake its territory. Behind it, meticulously arranged—this is Switzerland, after all—dozens of wagons and stalls form their own small world. This is where the circus menagerie has its temporary home. The air is filled with the scent and sound of horses, camels, goats and other common and exotic animals. We could stop and visit them. But she is not interested.

“There,” she points to the sculpture at the top of the opera house steps, and grins.

Read the rest of the article over on The Woolf!

They also interviewed the book fairy! Here is a snippet:

What are your favourite kind of books?

Nothing too girly, ewww. Anything that has adventure in it. Funny books! I love funny books. I love David Walliams and Roald Dahl.

What are some of your favourite hiding places?

I love hiding books in the mountains. Then the books get a nice view. And it’s also pretty for the person to find it. It looks super cool when there is snow. But then of course you must make sure the book stays dry. You need to be careful when you hide books, you know?

Do you only hide books in Switzerland?

No, no! I take them with me when we travel so I hide them all around the world. Just last week I hid one when I was on holiday in Crete. But I also made some book drops in England and Germany so far.

You can find the full interview here with our youngest official book fairy – Ellie. She’s 10 and represents Switzerland!

Also!!! Did you see this conversation between two book fairies recently? One is helping the other to get involved, talking about how it’s done!

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