A Book Finder Story: Using a Tag Team!

In June, The Book Fairies in London were kindly given copies of the cookbook ‘Made in London’ and spent a few days hiding them in some beautiful sunny spots!

The original post from a book fairy who hid the book

When we posted on instagram about leaving a book at Borough Market, we had no idea that it would start a countrywide search, where social networks led the book finder to the right spot!

Meet book finder laina

Dear Book Fairies,

I live in a small market town in the Midlands, UK so didn’t think I would ever chance upon a Book Fairies book. But I follow the page avidly on Instagram as I enjoy seeing where books are left and hearing the stories of the people who find them. In June this year I saw that the Book Fairies had left a book “Made in London, The Cookbook” at Borough Market in London which is not too far from where my sister Abbi is staying while she attends university there.

I rang Abbi and told her about the book that had been left in Borough Market – she threw on some shoes and quickly ran out to see if she could find it. I tried to describe the place where I had seen it and hey-presto within 10 minutes of my seeing the Instagram post Abbi had the book in her hand!

The book in Abbi’s hand!

I am so delighted to have been part of finding a Book Fairies book even though I was physically unable to find the book myself. We have both enjoyed reading our Book Fairies find and will pass it along to another reader. I am moving to London in September and am looking forward to finding more books left by Book Fairies.

Laina Langridge, age 18
Grantham, Midlands

Well done, Laina! We look forward to seeing photos of what you cook up, as well as where you leave the book next time!

Book Fairies are around the world. While this post is about London, and yes, there are generally more book fairies in large cities, we really can pop up anywhere. Want to be a book fairy where YOU live? Grab your book fairy goodies and get started!

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