Celebrating Book Fairy Art in Serbia

We are so so excited (and not jealous at all) that one of our Serbian book fairies has an artist as a close friend, and therefore… they can post really cool stuff! Thanks to them we’ve also been able to make some pretty striking announcements as she gives her time to create these beautiful photographs.

We thought it was about time we celebrated her art and put it all in one place for everyone to enjoy!

Our book fairy artist in Serbia

This artist in Serbia is called Marija, and here is her book fairy story.

“I heard about The Book Fairies project from my good friend and fell in love with the idea right away. After hearing about people who drop books in parks, cafes, public transport and markets, I decided to become one of them. It was a bit of a challenge for me. I really love everything about my books, from the content to their smell and texture. Every time I made a book drop, I felt both happy and sad. Happy because I spread the story from the book and a little bit sad because I left my small treasure. That’s why I wanted to capture the moment before I said goodbye and make a sort of a ritual out of it.”

Some of her beautiful photos:

Aren’t they just beautiful?!

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