Celebrating London Pride with The Book Fairies!

Some book fairies headed to London Pride this weekend to celebrate possibly the most happy day in the capital! Winning the football only added to the positive atmosphere 🙂

To prepare for the day itself, we gathered second hand unwanted books from local rubbish dumps, ones that were in good enough condition to share again, and adorned them with stickers and rainbow ribbons. We couldn’t get the official Pride ribbon but these still looked beautiful!

Getting ready for london Pride

Hiding books around London Pride

We loved exploring London through all the crowds and excitement of Pride. We walked from Fleet Street to Trafalgar Square to St James along the Mall and found lots of places to hide books! We then walked along Embankment in the sun. The atmosphere was electric and some of the face painting art was incredible! Here are some of our favourite pics.

Getting people involved

Those who attended Pride were more than happy to be book fairies for the day!

Lucky finders!

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