A Book Fairy Treasure Hunt in Pictures!

Leading up to the weekend of the 11th of August 2018 book fairies all over the world from Canada to Australia were preparing for their second magical weekend of treasure hunting! Glorious treasures made up of a wonderful book, a notebook or two if you are so lucky, a cheeky pirate token and a few more clues for the weekend… and they gifts were all wrapped up in a green ribbon and hidden in plain sight for a lucky person to find!

What’s this all about?

This campaign was only one of the amazing things that the book fairies do. Their main assignment that they do on a daily basis is leave inspirational books around the city in which they live in hoping that one lucky soul will find it, read it and then leave it for someone new to find and to give it a loving new home. These fairies expect nothing in return only to present you with joy, happiness and for your belief that book fairies really do exist.

What types of gifts were hidden?

In Durban, South Africa a fabulous woman found one of their sneaky treasures among some cake in a patisserie in Durban North. The book she found is a wonderful novel written by Lauren Child. Hang in there bozo is a fictional novel in the Ruby Redford series of novels written by Child. In the novel Ruby Redford a thirteen year old girl turned secret agent/detective has evolved into a survival expert. In this handy almost pocket sized guide Ruby gives the low down on how to survive in tricky situations. Why not give the book a read? See what sticky situations it can help you out with.

Another hidden treasure was placed gently in Regent’s Park in London, a fairy ever so kindly left a spectacular book in the park and then went flying off to place 40 more books around Regent’s Park.


Starter for ten is a wonderful book written by David Nicholls and is about a young boy named Brian, who has just started his first term at university. Full of ambition and a desire to succeed he is pulled back by a dark yet mysterious secret of appearing on University Challenge… and finally he has the chance to as he is on the university’s team. However, his dream cannot come too soon as he has fallen in love with one of his team mates, then more and more spanners are thrown in his way. Will he make it to University challenge? Why not give the book a read and find out!

Massive thanks to a lovely helper called Alice who kindly offered to write up our treasure hunt for us!

Would you like to join us and spread some magic?

It’s easy, just order some goodies here, get some books together then either hide them around your local area or wait for announcements on instagram to see what campaigns you can get involved with!!!

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