A Book Finder Story: Jack in London

A lucky person walking the streets of London yesterday found a book from the fairies, and was kind enough to write a few paragraphs to share his find! This is Jack’s story.

finding books in london

I was walking to work, lost in my own world, when I discovered a gift from the book fairies. August is the promotional month for my own novel Empty Nights, due for release in September, and my mind was swirling with questions. Should I publish a website post about my book this weekend or next weekend? How many physical copies should I order? How can I organise more promotion for my work? Walking helps me think and I was nearing the end of my commute from Charring Cross to King’s Cross, rocking out to Hamilton for motivation, I saw a flash of blue.

book found in london

A book, wrapped in a colourful ribbon, had been placed against someone’s fence. It had been beautifully wrapped and at first I thought it was part of an Easter Egg hunt. Then I thought it might have been part of the Calthrope Project, a green space on the other side of Gray’s Inn Road that have their own book stand. When I found the tag on the book I realised it was left by a team of book lovers.

I took pictures of the book, The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman, and posted them online when I got to work. At lunch, when I had time to examine the book further I discovered the sticker on the front cover with #ibelieveinbookfaries and contacted the team.

discovering a new trilogy

That evening I popped into Waterstones at The Strand at bought the remaining books in the trilogy so I could read the complete set. When I finish reading my unexpected gift, I’ll be sure to wrap it and put in a public place for another reader to enjoy. My own book is due for release in September, perhaps the book fairies will leave it as a gift for several unsuspecting readers?

Thank you to Jack for giving us his Book Finder Story! You can read more of these here. We look forward to helping this author spread his new book around London soon. Have you found a book? Let us know by emailing bookfairyemail@gmail.com!

Would you like to be a book fairy?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just head to the shop to grab some stickers, gather some books together that you want to drop and then off you go!

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