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A Book Finder Story: a kindergarten in Slovenia

We were so thrilled to received this email from a preschool teacher in Slovenia, after they found a book near Lake Bled. We are always happy to hear from book finders but this one is a little special – look what they’ve been doing as a result of discovering this story at Bled Castle!

A finder at Lake Bled, slovenia

Dear fairy,

I am a preschool teacher and I found a book Palček Smuk in zvezde in Bled castle in Slovenia. Loving the idea instantly I took the book to kindergarten next day and surprised children in my group, aged 4 and 5 years.

We were reading the book whole week and children loved it. We were talking about book fairies, about the stories from the book which took us on a journey where we discovered the fascinating world of stars.

Today children draw the dwarf and stars from the book and we will leave the book originally packed in Paediatric hospital in Ljubljana.

Thank you for great experience and sharing the magic around the world.

The drawings the children made, inspired by the book:

book fairies art school slovenia

book fairy art mini school slovenia

mini book fairy art slovenian

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