Book Fairies Offline Celebrates Turning One

We are so excited to celebrate the anniversary of BOOK FAIRIES OFFLINE! This time last year, we first introduced the idea of a ‘screen free day’ to focus on reading, and the response has been phenomenal. Every time we run an offline day, which so far has been once every three months, we hear of the freedom it gives people to switch off their phones, spend a day reading, walking and meeting with friends. This day just lets you unwind and unplug from today’s busy world.

So we hope you can join in this Sunday! All around the world, hundreds if not thousands of book fairies will be going offline for 24 hours for the whole of Sunday (in your own timezone is fine!) to curl up and read a good book. It’s also a chance to visit that local book shop you’ve always wanted to, provided it’s open on Sundays, or maybe a park nearby!

We encourage you to join us and to share online (beforehand!) what book you’re choosing to read. In fact, there is a pic below you can use on Saturday night to explain your absence! If you like, you can include a pic of the book you’ll be reading too!

So please join us – it’s so so so much fun to be a part of, and just imagine if #bookfairiesoffline got so big that internet shops noticed a dip in sales once a quarter? Ok now I’m dreaming, but still. Pretty cool.


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