Lightning Chase Me Home… and The Book Fairies!

Book Fairies around the UK were thrilled to hide copies of Amber Lee Dodd’s Lightning Chase Me Home, which we hope you agree has the most astonishing cover!

Scholastic published this beautiful book and there is a link to order your own copy below! Just in case you weren’t lucky enough to find one hidden by a book fairy today….

About Lightning Chase Me Home

Amelia Hester McLeod is named after two of her mum’s favourite explorers. Two amazing, fearless, awesome women: Amelia Earhart and Lady Hester Stanhope.

But Amelia herself doesn’t always feel very brave or very bright. She lives on a windblown island in a creaky old house right beneath the North Star. Her dad is sad and silent since her mum left them, and her absent-minded grandpa suddenly seems convinced something strange is about to happen to her.

When Amelia makes a birthday wish to be reunited with her missing mum, a wild magic is stirred from the sea.

Order your copy of Lightning Chase Me Home!

Don’t worry if you weren’t lucky enough to find a book. We have found another option for you! If you fancy the look of this title, Lightning Chase Me Home is available at Hive Books.

Want to join the fairies and hide your own books?

Well, what’s stopping you? Anyone can be a book fairy! Just grab your goodies from the shop and off you go! Every order includes a mini guide, and everything has FREE international delivery!

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