Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment – hiding in museums!

This week, book fairies around the UK found science centres and museums in which to hide copies of Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment!

This brilliant children’s book, published by Cornerstone, has a great story for young readers. We hope that the finders enjoyed the adventure!

About Max Einstein: The Genius Experiment

Max Einstein is a typical 12-year-old.


Goes to college every day.

Plays speed chess in the park.

Builds inventions that help the homeless.

And talks to Albert Einstein.

All normal stuff, right? Until one day when Max is recruited by a mysterious organisation!

Their mission: solve some of the world’s toughest problems using science. She’s helped by a diverse group of young geniuses from around the globe as they invent new ways to power the farthest reaches of the planet. But that’s only if the sinister outfit known as The Corporation doesn’t get to her first…

Didn’t find a copy? You can find the series at 🙂

Want to join The Book Fairies?

If you have books lying around that you would like to donate to someone else, then why not become a book fairy and hide them yourself? You can just grab some stickers here and get going!

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