A Hollywood Book Fairy for a Day with actress Jillian Clare!

A book fairy from Texas met with Jillian Clare and some other book fairies in Hollywood, CA, to hide copies of some of the actress’ favourite books! Thank you to Catie for sharing her report of the day.

The Book Fairies meet actress Jillian Clare

There’s something special about connecting with people who share your interests. It’s like meeting an old friend or diving into a familiar book. So I was very excited to meet with actress, producer, and writer, Jillian Clare, who wanted to be a book fairy for a day! Her new movie, Pretty Broken, was coming out just a few days after we would be meeting so spreading the joy of reading around Los Angeles with 4 of her favorite books (and a few extras from my own and our LA bookfairy’s stash) was the perfect way to kick things off.

Heading to the Hollywood sign…

We met early on a cool but sunny Sunday morning at Beachwood Market, where the iconic Hollywood sign is in perfect view. The best part of being at that location was the little walking underpass that had shelving with tons of books to take (yes we left one there too!). I just love when you happen across book stuff in the wild. There was even a little bench nearby for a nice reading spot while soaking up all that California sun. A few people eyed our books but unfortunately we did not see anyone pick them up. We did get to see and pet lots of pups! Jillian has two rescue dogs and we joked about having them be book fairies for a day too!

Up next: the Farmer’s Market!

We then went on to a popular shopping area called The Grove. Since it was still early, there weren’t many people around and we had free reign to leave lots of books in the beautiful space. We then popped on over to see the well-known Beverly Hills Sign. We couldn’t park there so it was a quick dash out, admiring an egret, and cooing at some more dogs that were walking by.

Our last stop was the famed Santa Monica Pier. This was so much fun because it was actually quite busy with people and it’s always fun to be in the midst of a sea of people who are paying absolutely no attention to you. It’s really true what they say about hiding in plain sight. We left the last of our books throughout the pier and sat down for a quick interview, which is below.

Checking out Jillian’s latest film

A few days later we met again at the premiere of Pretty Broken, left a few more books at the theatre, and sat down to enjoy the film. We won’t give anything away but it’s definitely one to watch! And with that our magical, whirlwind few hours together were over. We so enjoyed our time with Jillian and we can’t wait to see what her future holds. And who knows, you might just see her taking a beloved book and transforming it to the big screen!

Thank you to Catie, our book fairy in Texas, for giving us this lovely story of her time with Jillian Clare! If you have a book fairy story to share, email Book Fairies HQ on bookfairyemail@gmail.com as we would love to hear from you.

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