Book Fairies Offline – Sunday 31st March

We are so excited to announce our next edition of BOOK FAIRIES OFFLINE! This is the idea of a ‘screen free day’ to focus on reading, and, like all book-fairy activity, it’s worldwide.

Every time we run an offline day, which so far has been once a quarter, we get feedback about the freedom it gives people to switch off their phone, spend a day enjoying their own company or that of loved ones. This day just lets you unwind and unplug and remember just how awesome reading is. Our December offline day was the biggest yet!

We realise that in the UK this Sunday is also Mothering Sunday but what better than to make it even more relaxing, and what parent wouldn’t appreciate less screen time if you can see them in person? 🙂

So we hope you can join in this Sunday! All around the world, hundreds if not thousands of book fairies will be going offline for 24 hours for the whole of Sunday (in your own timezone!) to relax a little, unplug and read a good book.

We encourage you to join us and to share online (beforehand!) what book you’re choosing to read. In fact, there is a pic below you can use on Saturday night to explain your absence! If you like, you can include a pic of the book you’ll be reading too!

So please join us – it’s so so so much fun to be a part of, and we are still dreaming of the day that #bookfairiesoffline gets so big that the internet notices a dip in sales! And maybe local bookshops will thrive on those days! YOU would have been a part of that!!

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