Building a Little Free Library: Follow our Project in NY

One of our book fairies in New York, USA, has taken on a great project! We are going to follow the developments and this is the very first blog entry! This is in Giordi’s own voice.

The idea of creating a mini library:

Since day one of joining The Book Fairies, I have been mulling over the concept of creating a little library. I had been Pintresting and Googling all the great little libraries that had already been made. It seemed too daunting at times to even broach the topic out loud with myself.

It started with a trunk…

Years later, while my wife and I were searching through items at a thrift shop, I came across this cool looking trunk. Probably at least 50 years old with a story to tell. I had to have it. It would be the coolest bookshelf! Then I decided I wanted to add a fun way for people to grab Book Fairy stickers.

What about making it MORE unusual?

I considered using the trunk as a sales display for Book Fairy stickers, bags, etc. Then I remembered I had been wanting to add a little gumball machine to my wife’s shop and a light went off in my brain: “what if I did a toy vending machine with Book Fairy stickers and pins?!”

And… the final touch!

While I had plans to find ways to incorporate the Book Fairies, I felt like I was missing something. So I reached out to my fellow Book Fairies for advice. Their amazing advice: WINGS!

And so, the sketch was made and my plans had been set. I’m off to get started. Wings crossed it comes out great! 💚

We can’t wait to see the next stage of this mini library! Click here to read more!

Do YOU have a story to share?

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