Cornish Book Fairies hide treats in hospitals

Friday 8th March was a particularly special day. It was International Women’s Day, AND the bookfairies 2nd birthday, and to celebrate such an occasion, World of Books gave the bookfairies thousands of strong female empowering feminist books!

Our Cornish fairy visited places where joy may be needed

After our book fairy in Cornwall received 28 incredible books, a plan was made to try and help those who may need a little reminder of how strong and amazing they are, so they decided to drop the books at breast cancer treatment units and similar places.. so those who are struggling might get a little boost.

Bags packed and a mini side-kick on her first fairy mission (Gracie May, we cannot thank you enough for your company and incredible help), they delivered 6 books around Treliske Hospital’s grounds, 5 in and around the Mermaid Centre (the breast care unit), and 2 in the Cove Building next to it.

They then travelled down to Hayle, and dropped 8 books in and around St Michael’s Hospital (in which a lot of the surgeries and recoveries take place) and left their last 6 in St Julia’s Hospice next to it.

Not only was it a powerful book drop due to the books provided, but the idea that it had the potential to reignite strength in some of these ladies was truly wonderful.

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