Building a Little Free Library in New York: Part 2

Here is the latest update from Giordi, a book fairy in New York who is working on something beautiful… This is in Giordi’s own voice.

Part 2: From Trunk To Hunk

I spent my #bookfairiesoffline day getting this project going. I had to wait a week as not all of the pieces had come in that I ordered. I decided to start with the shelf.

First, I cleaned out the trunk. I sprayed it with Lysol, wiped it down completely with antibacterial wipes, and swept out the dust and dirt. Then it was time to start cutting.

I used my jigsaw to cut out the front facade of the trunk. I didn’t need to measure anything, as I followed the metal borders as close as possible to make it look like a nice, clean cut. I then smoothed out the edges to make sure they weren’t jagged.

Finding the literary wallpaper

The next step was the hardest: what book was I going to shred to pieces to use as the wallpaper? I walked up and down my stairs just short of a million times. Each time deciding as I got back downstairs that I didn’t want use that book. I finally found a book that was old enough to look cool, and common enough that it wasn’t being senselessly destroyed….. I know, I’ve got problems.

I used an adhesive spray to attached the book pages and then applied a coat of clear paste to give it a finished look.

I then grabbed some old wood beams my wife and I had found and I used those as the shelves. Because I am always super prepared, I managed to have no spare screws, so I had to get it right the first try. Thankfully I did. Barely. (Ok there’s a few spots that still need screws).

It took me about 3 hours, but that’s because I was watching Finding Nemo with my wife and daughter while doing all of this. They appreciated my banging and pounding while they tried to enjoy the movie, I’m sure. Oh, I got the vending machine and thought I would hand paint it green. Nah. That was a bad idea. So next blog entry you’ll see what it looks like when I do the correct way.

Until then, I’m off the procrastinate on 7 other things I’ve been saying I’d finish for years!

Thank you Giordi for sharing the progress of this amazing little free library! Click here to read part 3! If you have a book fairy story to tell, email Cordelia on

Want to get involved with the book fairies?

It’s easy! If you have some books you’d like to hide for lucky strangers to find, head to the book fairy shop to order some stickers! When they arrive, pop them on the books, maybe add a ribbon to make it look like a gift, and hide it in public – sharing a pic on social media if you like!

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