London book fairies hide We Are Blood And Thunder

Book fairies around the capital of London today had fun hiding copies of Kesia Lupo’s novel We Are Blood and Thunder! Thanks to Bloomsbury for getting involved with spreading some book fairy magic.

About the book:

In a city where magic is feared and the dead are worshipped, life is overshadowed by a powerful and devastating storm cloud.

One young woman is running for her life. Another is trying to return home. Both are looking for a place where they belong.

But what Lena and Constance don’t realise is that the storm cloud binds them. Without it, neither can get what she desires.

Not lucky enough to find some book fairy magic?

Don’t worry, you can order a copy from Hive Books! We love Hive because it’s an online shop that supports local and independent bookshops, so if you cannot find it in a shop near you – it’s perfect! Here is the link to order We Are Blood And Thunder.

Would you like to be involved?

If you have seen lots of book fairy magic happening, why not get involved? It’s easy! Just order some book fairy stickers and get a pile of books together ready to hide! We look forward to seeing which books you choose 🙂

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