the book fairies at the alabama book festival

The Book Fairies go to the Alabama Book Festival

It’s great to read about the events that book fairies around the world attend – this time, the story is from Alabama, USA!

Representing The Book Fairies in Alabama

Last weekend, An Alabama Book Fairy celebrated her second year at the Alabama Book Festival by donning her Book Fairy tee shirt and tote bags, and dropping over sixty books in Montgomery, Alabama. 

She carefully worked her way around the 18th and 19th century restored homes and buildings that form a sort of living museum. This area, known as Alabama Old Town, forms the backdrop to the Alabama Book Festival every year. Authors, publishers, booksellers and vendors wend their way in and around the beautiful, old structures.

Hiding books around the festival!

Many children’s books found their way onto the adjoining playground and near the children’s activity tables, while books geared toward an older audience were dropped in seats at author panels, writing workshops and by the open mic stage. The book fairy chatted with authors, and even handed out a few book fairy stickers! 

The magic of gathering so many creative people in one place is amazing! The Book Fairies love to support these kind of events. We are looking forward to Alabama Book Festival 2020, and more book festivals around the world!

For more information about the Alabama Book Festival, see

Thank you to Lisa, a book fairy in Alabama, for sharing this story. Do you have your own book fairy story? If so, please email Book Fairies HQ on as we would love to hear from you!

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