Some Vancouver authors became book fairies for the day

Vancouver Authors become Book Fairies for the Day!

This story comes from Vancouver, Canada written by Arathi, a local book fairy. We get to hear about all the authors who have been hiding books!

Celebrating International Women’s Day with The Book Fairies

March was an eventful month for the Vancouver Book Fairies. Not only was it International Women’s Day, but it was also our 2nd birthday. So we decided to celebrate in style by giving wings to some of the local writers and authors! We got a bunch of remarkable women to become book fairies for a day and help us out by hiding books at various locations in Vancouver.

Here are some of the ladies who helped us out so graciously:

Author Casey-Jo Loos

Casey-Jo Loos is an advocate for truth and she believes in the power of story telling and sharing experiences. This year she self-published her debut poetry collection called, “i see you. i am you” and celebrated the release by hiding copies in the free public book libraries around Vancouver. She was thrilled to become an honorary Book Fairy and she had a ball hiding books in interesting places like the swing at the Garden View Drive in Burnaby. You can listen to her on-air at 102.7 at The Peak Vancouver from 2 to 6pm Monday to Friday and find her at

Author Zuri H. Scrivens

Zuri H. Scrivens is a writer of poetry, memoir and a dash of fiction. With a passion for raw and honest writing that unearths brave perspectives, her work has appeared in The Writers’ Studio’s Emerge 15 and Caitlin Press’ Boobs: Women Explore What It Means To Have Breasts. Being a bookworm herself, she was only too happy to don the Book Fairy wings for a day and spread the love of reading around Vancouver. Zuri is currently completing her first novel and plans to teach high school English in the very near future.

Author Susannah M. Smith

Susannah M. Smith is the author of the novels The Fairy Tale Museum and How the Blessed Live. Her short fiction, poetry and artwork have appeared in various publications including dANDelion, Event, Fireweed, Front Magazine and The Antigonish Review. She is also a contributor to First Writes (Banff Centre Press, 2005) and All Sleek and Skimming: Stories (Orca Book Publishers, 2006). Susannah took to being Book Fairy for a Day like a fish to water and was only too happy to show her love for the written word by sending them out into the world.

Author Arathi Aravind

Arathi Aravind is originally from India but she caught the wanderlust bug pretty early on in life which led her to travel(a lot!). Her poetry and short stories whave been published on an online platform named Terribly Tiny Tales (@tttofficial on Instagram). She finds strength and inspiration from her favourite authors like Maya Angelou, Haruki Murakami and wisdom from great philosophers like Calvin and Hobbes. She continues to write tiny poems which you can find on her Instagram page @pocketsizedpoetry. Being Book Fairy for a day gave her the opportunity to do what she loves best – sending out good vibes in the form of books!

We were also lucky to be supported by secondhand book seller World of Books who were kind enough to donate all the books that the honorary fairies dropped off in March. What better way to celebrate women’s day than by sending more books out into the world with women who truly believe in the power of words!

Thank you to Arathi for not only sharing this fantastic blog post but also for the incredible amount of love and care you put into celebrating International Women’s Day with The Book Fairies!

Ready to join the magic?

Anyone can be a book fairy! If you have some books you’d like to share with others, why not add a little magic and spread the love of reading through random acts of kindness in the area you live?

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