Pride Tote Bag from The Book Fairies

Celebrate Pride with The Book Fairies

Love is what the book fairies are all about. We love sharing stories and encouraging people to discover new genres and authors. We love that what we do is open to everyone, it’s an inclusive movement of readers, all around the world. We do our best to give voice to under represented authors and individuals through what we do, and we love supporting others.

So. This year. The book fairies are in full support of Pride 2019. We are celebrating by hiding books by LGBTQ+ authors and with LGBTQ+ storylines in order to spread the word of inclusivity. To make these book drops extra special, we’ve not only got this new Pride ‘i believe in book fairies’ tote bag but we’ve introduced a Pride book fairy sticker, featuring the rainbow colours around the edge 🌈

We hope this will help the books to stand out – we also suggest using rainbow ribbon if you can get hold of some! πŸ’š

Through the whole summer we will be hiding books and heading to Pride events. We are excited to discover new books by watching the activity happen around the world! Use #bookfairieswithpride to show us how you will celebrate πŸŽ‰

We encourage book fairies around the world to support this beautiful movement and show your pride by highlighting the books and authors you celebrate. We encourage you to go to a Pride event near you this summer and spread the joy of these books. We encourage you to show your pride in being a book fairy who supports inclusivity and love for all.

The book fairies are a beautiful mix of people. It just makes sense.

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