The Art of Noticing… a book hidden by The Book Fairies!

Are you guilty of lacking observation? Of walking past things without noticing them? Of being so focussed on what you’re on your way to that you miss the enjoyment of the journey? The Book Fairies want to reach YOU!

What a perfect title for what the book fairies do – The Art of Noticing. We will often leave a book, for example on a bench in a public and busy area, and we see people walk past who don’t even notice the wrapped up present we have left! People do get so focussed on where they are going, that only the very observant ones, perhaps visitors to the area, will spot a book fairy book. Anyway, we had a lot of fun hiding these gorgeous eye-catching books around the UK! If you didn’t find one you can order yours here!

About The Art of Noticing:

Notice more, and notice more joy in the everyday.



Feel like your attention is constantly being pulled in different directions?

Learn how to steal it back. Accessible and inspiring, this book features 131 surprising and innovative exercises to help you tune out white noise, get unstuck from your screen and manage daily distractions. Make small yet impactful changes and bring focus to the things and people that are most important to you.

Become a book fairy today!

We have so much fun hiding books around the world, so much that we have grown to TEN THOUSAND STRONG! Would you like to join us? The very first step is to grab your book fairy stickers. The next step is to join the best community of book lovers on EARTH*.

*that bit’s automatic

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