The Book Fairy Box: A Review

We saw such an amazing response to our first ever subscription box, we thought we would ask for an honest review from one of the fairies who received theirs! Below you can read Reham’s review and also see some of the posts from instagram.

Reham Reviews her Book Fairy Box

I received my first March/April Book Fairy Box subscription only three days after ordering it. Having been a Book Fairy for a number of years in the Netherlands and now in Ireland, I had come to expect the wonderfully fast shipping from The Book Fairies. And while it’s always a pleasure to see the standard brown envelope with green “fairy” hearts on it, this time it was this big, brown subscription box.

What’s inside the box?

In my particular box, I received a total of 3 books: Vox by Christina Dalcher, The Mini Book of Mindfulness, and a secondhand crime novel. They say there is no such thing as coincidences and these three books proved just that to me, as I was already thinking of a new dystopian novel to read, I happen to work as a therapist where I help teach mindfulness to children and adolescents, and I’m also a huge fan of crime fiction. This felt perfectly curated. It was easy to see that this box was made with love and kindness.

Besides the books, I also got a postcard, two straws, book fairy stickers, calming tea, a “Book fairy dust” candle, and a mini heart-shaped soap (Side note: the soap was so cute and smelled so delicious that I thought it was candy at first and took a bite. Do not recommend.)

My personal favourite item

This candle stole my heart. Made by Happy Piranha, a vegan, eco-conscious, and cruelty-free brand, this artisan candle has been the highlight of my winding down ritual at night, as the notes of jasmine and honeysuckle alleviate any stress I had and help bring me a sense of ease. I also like to burn sage along with it just to add to the overall experience. The candle was sprinkled with “gold dust”, which a) was adorable, and b) somehow smelled really good too.

Having been using the candle for a little over a month now, and as you can see from the picture, I’m not even halfway done with it which is very impressive because I am in love with this scent and I can’t get enough of it. I really, really hope I continue to see more of these candles in future subscription boxes, as it’s truly helped elevate my mood on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

I also received a handwritten letter from a book fairy introducing me to some of the contents inside the box. She ends the note with a wonderful quote:

“Wherever you have friends, that’s your country and where you receive love, that’s your home.”

And this box gave me that exact experience. This box can be the perfect housewarming gift to give to another book-lover or can be used for yourself as a form of self-love, self-soothing, and self-care. I highly recommend any book fairy to order a subscription and get to experience this for themselves.

Thank you Rehan for sharing your feedback! If you would like to chat with the book fairies, just email us on If this has inspired you to order your own box, then head here to subscribe or order a one-off!

Photos and feedback from social media

As well as having Rehan’s wonderful review, we have also had some great feedback online! Here are just a handful of them!

From @arcticdwarf, instagram:

From @arcticdwarf on instagram: Yaaaaay! My book box from @bookfairiesworldwide came today! With SO much bookish goodies! I’m in love! I was quite anxious to see what it would contain, being fairly cheap with FREE shipping. I am over the moon! It even contained a @happypiranha scented candle! #sorrynotsorry for all the!!! The best part of this box, one of the major reasons I subscribed, was that it contains two books where one is SECOND HAND. I love everything second hand. That’s something we all can do to put less strain on Mother Earth: buy second hand, donate second hand 👊 Have previously read a few books by Peter James and know this is going to be a quality read 👌 Equally excited about VOX by Christina Dalcher. Never read, never heard of. Judging by critique, it takes us through a horrifying society similar to The Handmaid’s tale.

From @thatfallenangel, instagram:

Check out the awesome contents of my #bookfairybox – their first one ever and it’s pretty fantastic! Theres some great bits and bobs in here, a cracker of a new book and an old favourite! I can’t wait to see what they come up with next time! #ibelieveinbookfairies

From @tlower, instagram:

Love my first #bookfairybox !!
Just the other day on @getlitsy I saw The Watchmaker and wanting to read it! Love Other books & the treats- a sparkly candle, yummy chocolate, a wooden heart, a postcard, a bookmark, a green heart, and fun green fairy straws! 

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